After Being Spotted Smooching Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston No Longer Loki-ing For Love

Does the god of mischief have a new low-key — or should I say Loki — love interest?

Looks like it! And the internet is freaking out. She wears short skirts, he wears armor and horned helmets. After dancing the night away at the Met Gala last month, we already knew and had great chemistry and looked plenty pretty together. But watch out, Loki-lovers, our favorite supervillain may have had his heart officially stolen by a pop sensation.

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These pictures of Hiddleston and Swift perched on a rocky beach near her Rhode Island mansion were first posted on website, and there’s no denying their love connection. And with Swift having recently split from another dashing Brit, Scottish DJ Calvin Harris, clearly she has a type and must be a fan of Hiddleston’s impeccable accent and clear baby blues.

Yup, definitely Tom and Tay Tay.

Yup, definitely Tom and Tay Tay.

Of course, seeing the Brit dish paired up — even if with so perfect a match as Tay Tay (HiddleSwift, anyone?) — means unleashing our imaginations on other Hiddleston/Loki love matchups.

Will we ever see Thor and Loki have their moment?

Will we ever see Thor and Loki have their moment?

Any fan would kill to be in on the myriad of beach selfies the couple probably snapped, but we’ll just have to wait to get our Hiddleston fix until he returns to the big screen in next year, as well as re-binge-watch him in The Night Manager.


How do you feel about Loki’s new love?


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