After Mickey & Minnie Mouse, These Disney Icons Are Also Getting A Re-Vamp At The Place Where Dreams Come True

We’ve seen our favorite Disney characters receive and even from talented fan artists in the past, but sometimes we fail to notice that our beloved leads are also granted incredible makeovers at Disney parks all over the world.

In April, we reported that their trademark red attires for an even more vibrant aesthetic, one that fans all over the world flocked to witness in real life at one of the many attractions around the globe.

Back when these drastic changes were taking place, we also learnt about Disney’s strict “character integrity” rules that specified that if a character changes at one location, all the rest must follow.

And as expected, Mickey and Minnie aren’t the only characters to appear different to visitors next time they reach the front of the line for a picture pose. Here are two more Disney legends that have also been re-vamped at the House of Mouse:

1. Mulan

Although Mulan is essentially retaining the same outfit, her dress is now adapted with a burst of blue, perhaps in hopes that she will trigger a more positive response from the matchmaker. Need a reminder? Here she is getting ready for the disastrous meeting in the clip from the movie:

2. Pocahontas

Pocahontas’s dress, however, has been altered more drastically. Instead of her typical jade necklace and lemon yellow garment, she’s now opting for a darker shade and a stunning necklace made entirely of white shells. From now on, she will also be carrying a cute little satchel — y’know, to keep feathers in and stuff.

Are you into these changes?

Which outfits do you prefer?


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