All about Inside Out

Inside Out is an extraordinary film. Witty, understanding, and heart felt, this extraordinary creative achievement manages to offer a 101 class in psychology while providing laughs and some deep reflections on our state of mind – and who might be pulling the levers!

One of the wittiest sections of the movie comes with the end credits when we look into the minds of other humanoids and across the species divide.

It is a cool thought experiment to wonder who would be the A-team navigating your Holodeck? Perhaps you will need to ask your dog or loved ones to get an unbiased picture of the multiple personalities which make up your day, before and after the coffee break.

How does your crew look like?

How does your crew look like?

We look forward to getting your thoughts (and those of your conscious mind!).


At some point I’ll get around to properly introducing myself. In the meantime, nerding out over Poetry, Indie Games and Internazionale.