AMC Allegedly Threatens ‘The Walking Dead’ Fan Community With Lawsuit Over Show Spoilers

Earlier this week fans of heard how , possibly in an attempt to to keep the identity of Negan’s victim a mystery before the season premiere in October. However it now looks like AMC are taking even further steps to try and prevent any spoilers slipping out after they issued a fan spoiler site with a cease and desist letter.

The Spoiling Dead Fans

The Spoiling Dead Fans

The Spoiling Dead Fans is a and which has been dedicated to bringing news and spoilers to fans of The Walking Dead for over two years. Their Facebook page has amassed over 360,000 likes, and has multiple moderators and contributors who work to bring the community very, very accurate spoilers for the show. In fact, the groups spoilers have been so accurate that yesterday The Spoiling Dead Fans revealed that AMC have allegedly issued the group a cease and desist letter, and threatened further action. In a lengthy Facebook post ( ), moderators of the group wrote:

… After two years, AMC finally reached out to us! But it wasn’t a request not to post any info about the Lucille Victim or any type of friendly attempt at compromise, it was a cease and desist and a threat of a lawsuit by AMC Holdings, LLC’s attorney, Dennis Wilson. They say we can’t make any type of prediction about the Lucille Victim. Their stance is that making such a prediction would be considered copyright infringement. AMC tells us that we made some claim somewhere that says we received “copyright protected, trade secret information about the most critical plot information in the unreleased next season of The Walking Dead” and that we announced we were going to disclose this protected information. We still aren’t sure where we supposedly made this claim because they did not identify where it was.

The post also claimed that in the past AMC had issued the group with wrongful DMCA takedown notices, and hired investigators to intimidate group members.

While this might seem like a harsh move from AMC, who accidentally , the network is not alone. After spoiler communities became more and more sophisticated, using to take on-set pictures, spoilers leaking before the film release.

The Walking Dead Season 6

The Walking Dead Season 6

But, while , the group have no plans to stop bringing other spoilers to their “Army” of fans. The group ended their Facebook post by reassuring their community that they “will continue to post all of our filming updates, eyewitness reports and all photos taken legally throughout the filming season,” adding “we just won’t be spoiling the biggest moment so far.”

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Season 7 in October.

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