Annoyed By ‘The Walking Dead’ Negan Cliffhanger? Why The Season 6 Finale Was Important

It’s been a mere few months since the “internet breaking” season finale of Season 6 dropped at the beginning of April, the tense sign-off episode subverting our expectations in the worst way.

We were denied finally learning the identity of the one who met a sticky end by Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) baseball bat, our fears were left unsettled, and speculation has taken over our minds and spilled out onto the internet. No matter how many times we watch this scene, we still can’t quite put our finger on it:

, but whose first-person perspective was it we saw things from when Negan brought Lucille down upon their head? Well, we’ll have to wait until premiere to find out.

The Joy Of Fan Community

Of course, if you wanted to argue a case that The Walking Dead Season 6 finale has merit on its own then you wouldn’t be wrong. It certainly achieved its designed purpose, as the internet has been alight over the past few months with fans from all across the world and investigate what little evidence we have available to us.

Negan foreshadowing in 'The Walking Dead'
Negan foreshadowing in ‘The Walking Dead’

This in itself is a relatively new phenomenon, ushered into life by the rise of online social networking and the new TV show blueprint established in And it’s an incredible way for people from all walks of life to connect over a shared love and passion.

And of course some of the most fevered speculation came from massive social networking site Reddit, the internet’s cultural hub of fan theory and media discussion.

The Walking Feels

'The Walking Dead' is not without its sweeter moments
‘The Walking Dead’ is not without its sweeter moments

But sometimes a post comes along to put things into perspective, as three days ago Reddit user Burts_Business posted a touching tribute in /r/thewalkingdead, defending The Walking Dead Season 6 finale in terms of the discussion which arose out of it:

I have been reading around just like everyone since the finale and there’s been a lot of speculation on the finale. One spoiler was posted that seemed to be the right one. A co-worker and I always discussed ‘TWD’ and obsessed over every detail.
I explained the spoiler that I saw to him and we had a blast just comparing it to the comics and how we would be OK if that was the right answer to the cliffhanger.
My buddy passed away last night and the conversation about the cliffhanger was the last conversation that we had. Thanks for the spoilers, friends.
Rest well, Don.

Kinda puts things into perspective a little doesn’t it? And reminds us that, though it’s just a TV show, popular media like The Walking Dead does possess this force for bringing people together — even if it’s just to debate the continued survival of fictional characters. After all, a shared humanity has always been at the heart of storytelling.

And at the end of the day, at least we can laugh. As user K9Shep posted:

Sorry for your loss. Glad we don’t have to stab our friends in the head after they are gone. I am sure I will get down votes but hopefully I made you smile.

Rest in peace, Don. You’re killing Walkers up in heaven now.

Let’s keep the train going, share your The Walking Dead theories with us in the comments.

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