‘Arrow’: 6 Major Questions About Season 5

Arrow‘s fourth season officially fired its last arrow as the finale, “Schism,” drew the show’s most controversial year to a close. Now with the summer upon us, we are left to contemplate over what could potentially happen in Arrow‘s fifth season, particularly after all of the .

The left us with quite a lot of questions and thus, let’s take a look at the six biggest questions we’re left with heading into Season 5.

What Will Happen to Team Arrow?

Team Arrow's outfits (via The CW).
Team Arrow’s outfits (via The CW).

At the end of Season 4, Team Arrow practically disbanded: With the ridiculous decision to kill Laurel and Thea and Diggle leaving, all that remain in the “Arrow Cave” are Oliver and Felicity. And thus, all that remains on the streets is the Green Arrow.

With a lack of teammates, this could really throw us back to a Season 1 vibe which would definitely breathe some new life into the series. Solo storylines and solo fights certainly sound like it could bring a much-needed change.

Who Is Arrow’s New Villain Going To Be?

Damien Darhk (via The CW).

Damien Darhk (via The CW).

We have had the widely well-received Dark Archer and Deathstroke and the controversial Ra’s Al Guhl and Damian Darhk. Four seasons and four big bads. But this season, we don’t quite know what to expect.

By the end of Season 1, the Slade Wilson seeds had already been sewn. By the end of Season 2, Ra’s Al Guhl had been referred to constantly as the League of Assassins made their presence felt. And by the end of Season 3, Damian Darhk had already begun to play quite a role offscreen. But this season, we don’t have anything to go on.

This begs the question: Has the big bad already been alluded to and we missed it? Or has Arrow got a brand new villain under wraps? We already know that he’s going to be ” .” but where will he fit into the scale as far as this new villain is concerned? I’m sure it won’t be long before we find out.

Will We Ever See Black Canary Again?

Black Canary (via the CW).

Black Canary (via the CW).

The shocking decision to kill of Laurel Lance/Black Canary is one that Arrow hasn’t been able to come back from. Their ratings have fallen, their video promos have been overwhelmed with dislikes, and their social media platforms overrun with negative comments.

However, they still could have a trump card yet to play. The conversation between Laurel and Oliver right before she “died” was never revealed. It has since been announced that we will see said conversation in Season 5. Could Laurel have faked her death to make Darhk think she had died? Could Oliver have used the same “death pinch” he learned on the island from Yao Fe to make her appear dead? If that secret conversation reveals anything other than a fake death — it would be a disappointment.

Comic book fans revolted and Laurel fans cried out at the death. With and the negative reaction the show has received, it would quite simply be ridiculous for the creative team to stand by their mistake when so many people want her back.

So true, Arrow writers! (Credit: CW)

Mayor Queen 2.0?

Mayor Queen (via The CW).

Mayor Queen (via The CW).

The term Mayor Queen has never really had much success in Star City. When Oliver’s mother Moira Queen won the people over and was elected Mayor, she was killed hours later by Slade Wilson. Then when Oliver stepped up to the plate this season, Damien Darhk’s threats against his son’s life led to Oliver stepping down as a candidate.

Now with Oliver officially sworn in as an emergency protocol to save Star City, could we finally see a Queen successfully run Star City and restore it to glory? Time will tell.

Oliver Spent Another Year Off Lian Yu?

Island Flashbacks: Oliver on Lian Yu (via The CW).

Island Flashbacks: Oliver on Lian Yu (via The CW).

Remember the whole “My name is Oliver Queen. After five years on a hellish island, I have come home with one goal: Ro save my city!” Well, the big question is: How many of those five years did he actually spend on the island?

Season 3’s flashbacks weren’t well-received because he was moved to Hong Kong. Season 4’s weren’t well-received because he moved back to the island, starting talking about mysticism, and somehow ended up with his Arrow haircut despite having long blonde hair and a beard in his fifth year. Now, we know he’s going to Russia in Season 5 and is somehow supposed to end up back on the island with said long blonde hair and beard by the end of the season. I am so confused.

Can Arrow Redeem Itself?

The Green Arrow (via The CW).

The Green Arrow (via The CW).

With the criticism and the ratings decline over Arrow’s fourth season, many have been wondering if the series can truly redeem itself. The daytime soap opera and melodramatic storylines have hindered Arrow from fulfilling its true potential. In fact, it seemed as though the creative team went out of its way to infuriate so many of the show’s fans that they managed to hit series lows in the ratings.

Between Laurel’s death, the mystical elements, and the complete lack of compelling storytelling, many fans have claimed that they are “done” with the series. Well, there’s a simple solution. If Arrow gives the fans what they want and bring back Laurel, focus on darker themes (like the first two seasons), make Felicity fun again and make the Green Arrow concerned with cleaning up the streets again (instead of just focusing on the suit-wearing big bads), then the series can indeed make a triumphant comeback. But the biggest question of all is: Will it?

Are you looking forward to Arrow Season 5? Or do you believe the show truly has “failed this city”? Let us know in the comments!

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