‘Arrow’ Adds Madison McLaughlin As Artemis For Season 5

Actress Madison McLaughlin impressed Arrow fans with a memorable appearance as wannabe teen vigilante Evelyn Sharp last season, and it looks like she’ll be back for more in Season 5.

According to Variety, McLaughlin will reprise her role as Sharp for Arrow Season 5. And this time, the teen will take on the role of vigilante archer Artemis.

Evelyn Sharp was seen last season impersonating Black Canary in an attempt to seek revenge for the murder of her parents. This time around, she’ll appear in a multiple episodes in her new heroic persona, one that’s clearly influenced by series star Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

In the comics, Artemis has been a villain, though the character was given a heroic makeover for DC’s Young Justice animated series. On that show, Artemis became Green Arrow’s sidekick, and it’s likely the character will have a similar role on Arrow.

Artemis on "Young Justice."

Artemis on “Young Justice.”

Artemis is the latest in a string of DC Comics characters to join the cast of Arrow for Season 5. The news follows announcements that , with . Given what we know about the characters, it sounds like these newcomers could push Oliver Queen to question the morality behind his superheroics — bringing some juicy conflict to the successful series.

Arrow Season 5 premieres October 5 on The CW. Are you excited for some new vigilantes to join the cast? Let us know in the comments below.

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