Arrow: Could the Season Finale See the Return of Laurel Lance?

Arrow: Could the Season Finale See the Return of Laurel Lance? by Michael Patterson , May 25th, 2016 at 11:30am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterWARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS MAOR SPOILERS OF ARROW AND MAY POSSIBLY EVEN SPOIL A POTENTIAL TWIST IN THE FINALE. IT ALSO CONTAINS SPOILERS OF LEGENDS OF TOMORROW !To say that it’s been an interesting year for Arrow would be an understatement. Between Oliver’s transformation to the Green Arrow, to shocking family reveals for the Diggles and bloodlust galore for Thea, it’s definitely been quite the year. However, no moment was more shocking than Arrow ‘s infamous decision to kill off the beloved Black Canary. This not only angered fans of the show but comic book fans worldwide. And rightly so – Dinah Laurel Lance/Black Canary is one of the most beloved comic book heroines DC has ever created, and after an abundance of questionable tactics regarding her character, Arrow killed her off. It just doesn’t seem right or, to be blunt, make sense. But perhaps it was all an illusion. With things hurtling towards an explosive conclusion in tonight’s Season Finale, will we see a surpirse twist? Perhaps it will reveal that Laurel is still alive after all, and here’s why:It Would Be the Perfect Culmination of Season 4Comic-Book Icons: Black Canary & Green ArrowAll season, Oliver has went on an emotional journey which brings him closer to becoming the Green Arrow – the hero from the comic books. That journey needs the Black Canary. With Laurel’s death, Oliver has gone back down the vengeful vigilante router, capable of anything, with even Felicity championing him to kill Darhk. I refuse to believe that the show will knowingly continue down its backward path. Laurel’s resurgence would not only help shock Darhk into defeat, it would complete the Oliver’s journey as he wouldn’t have to resort to his season 1 tactics…even though many of us would like to see it. From a storyline standpoint, Laurel’s return would change things for the better.WARNING: THE NEXT POINT CONTAINS A POTENTIAL FINALE SPOILER. BE WARNED.Black Canary Spotted On-Set of FinaleThis is very interesting. Although many have insisted that this is not Katie Cassidy, that is still beside the point. A woman, wearing what looks like Laurel’s Black Canary outfit was spotted on set during filming of the Arrow finale. What could this mean? I know that the episode “Canary Cry” featured Evelyn Sharp stealing Laurel’s Canary Cry collar and modifying it and thus, she wore her own Black Canary outfit. This decision to instill a new version, albeit very short-lived version of Black Canary was heavily criticised by fans. Thus, if the Black Canary spotted on-set is another new Canary or Evelyn Sharp, this would be just another example of the show’s tainted decision making lately. With having previously produced some incredible storylines, I like to think that they’re more creative than that – recycling an already unpopular storyline so soon seems highly unlikely! And a new Black Canary would be qually ridiculous, the mantle shouldn’t be transferable. Laurel Lance didn’t just play the role of Black Canary – Laurel Lance IS the Black Canary. Now that the world knows Laurel Lance was the Black Canary, the mantle needs to remain with its rightful owner. And if these set photos do indicate that Laurel may be alive, Arrow would have indeed pulled the twist of the year and reinvigorated the show in its time of need. Let’s hope we’re right!The Unusual Legends of Tomorrow ExplanationOut of character: Rip HunterIf you watched the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, you will know that upon finding out about Laurel’s death, her sister Sara Lance (the White Canary) is adamant about travelling back to save her. But in a completely nonsensical explanation, Time Master Rip Hunter stops her, stating that it’s impossible to save Laurel and that if he hadn’t recruited her, both her and her father would have been killed too. This doesn’t make any sense as Quentin’s punishment was supposed to be losing his daughter and living with that loss – it’s unlikely that Darhk would have killed Laurel and then suddenly killed Lance. Moreover, Sara had already left Star City before Legends of Tomorrow even began so it’s unlikely Darhk would have killed Sara if she had left. he didn’t even know she’d been restored to her old self. Finally, Rip Hunter has gone back centuries and very nearly altered the timeline so many times. It’s unlikely that he would have been worried about a few months when he has been trying to do the same thing for his own family. These nonsensical excuses must have a greater meaning. We can’t just be expected to believe that the storyline and writing is this incoherent. There has to be more to it than that.The Only Black Canary: Dinah Laurel LanceThe Black Canary Outfit Symbollically FallsThis is just pure speculation. In the promo for “Schism”, when the “Arrow-Cave” begins to crumble, it is Laurel’s Black Canary outfit that falls first. Could this just be a symbolic nod to Team Arrow’s fallen warrior and friend? Bear in mind that they already paid her a significant tribute already. Thus, could it mean something greater? Perhaps we’re reading into it too much, but with the Black Canary outfit smashed out of its casket, could we also see Laurel smashed out of her’s?Did She Really Die?Reflective: Laurel contemplates.I know that Marc Guggenheim consistently told us that Earth-1 Laurel Lance is dead and that it’s irreversible. However, something still seems off about the fact that she was completely fine after having life-saving surgery and suddenly she dies in the eleventh hour (literally). I know that things like this can happen in real life but it still seems fishy. The main reason it seems fishy is because we didn’t see Oliver and Laurel’s conversation moments before she died. You know, the conversation where Laurel made Oliver promise her something? So basically, she’s stabbed by Arrow, undergoes life saving surgery, the doctors claim that “she’s going to be fine”, she has a secret conversation with Oliver and then all of a sudden, she dies. Perhaps she didn’t really die and thus, faked her death to convince Darhk she’s dead which would have him back off her grief-stricken father? Furthermore, she did say “this wasn’t exactly how I expected my last night [as Black Canary] to go.” Perhaps she has officially given up being Black Canary which is why she allowed Oliver to reveal her identity to the world? Final point of concern: yes, we saw the body. But we also saw Oliver’s body in Season 1 and we saw Taiana’s body in Season 4, the common denominator being that “death trick” that Yao Fei taught Oliver back in Season 1, creating the illusion that the person has really died. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that after a signifcant absence, it made a return earlier this season. Thanks to the show’s heavy relaince on flashbacks, we know that we will see Laurel and Oliver’s secret conversation, but at this point, anything other than a faked death would be a major disappointment. Could it happen? Maybe. Should it happen? Hell Yes!Canary Cry: Laurel saves OliverIn conclusion, Arrow has received a lot of criticism for its infamous and questionable decisions lately. However, as we near the culmination of Season 4, the question is: Is that what the creative team wanted us to think? Perhaps it could have all been a trick to convince us that there was no hope for Laurel (or the show) but instead, what they have been planning is a big twist worthy of the finale? Laurel’s return would certainly benefit the show: she’s been a staple of the series since the beginning and a staple of comic books for over 70 years. With the show’s constant criticism and somewhat lower ratings (last week’s episode was only watched by 1.94 million viewers), now would be a good time to give the people what they want! It’s going to be an incredible finale and saving a twist like Laurel’s return until the finale would create a new dynamic and give the show a reinvigoration that it would certainly benefit from!Would you like to see Laurel’s return? What are you most looking forward to in this year’s intense Season Finale? Let me know in the comments!The Black Canary: Laurel Lance