‘Arrow’ Recap: 5 Things You Might Have Missed In Episode 22, “Lost In The Flood”

WARNING: MASSIVE spoilers ahead for Arrow Episode 22 “In The Flood.” Do not proceed unless you have seen the episode!With just one episode left before the Arrow Season 4 finale, “Lost in the Floodhad a lot of heavy lifting to do, maintaining the tension set by the previous episode while building toward a hopefully satisfying conclusion next week.It was always going to be tough for The CW to match the standard of last week’s episode, “Monument Point“, which remains one of the season highlights, but “Lost in the Flood” succeeded in keeping the momentum going for the most part, continuing to provide some of the best action sequences that Arrow fans have seen in some time. Before we look ahead to the season finale next week, let’s break down “Lost in the Flood” and recap five things you might have missed in this week’s episode.1. Green Arrow Is Kicking Ass And Taking Names

But — it's DAYLIGHT!?

But — it’s DAYLIGHT!?

The action on shows like Arrow is naturally restricted by the budget to an extent, but it looks like The CW either won the lottery or just had a rich old aunt die suddenly, because the fight sequences in the last few episodes have improved tenfold.Undoubtedly, the highlight of “Lost in the Flood was the chase sequence set among the streets of Tevat Noah, where we followed Ollie and Diggle as they fought off the advancing forces of H.I.V.E. The daylight backdrop enhanced an already thrilling chase sequence, where Ollie fired off arrow after arrow as the pair ducked and weaved through the bright suburban setting. Warehouses and lamp-lit streets are going to look pretty bleak now in comparison. 2. Could Malcolm Merlyn Still Be A Good Person?

And the father of the year award goes to —

And the father of the year award goes to —

Malcolm Merlyn has always been a duplicitous character, manipulating the characters of the show for his own selfish ends, yet time and time again, Team Arrow still decides to trust him or enlist his help.
Although most of this week’s episode focused on Thea and her father clashing over his questionable parenting skills, Team Arrow still asked Merlyn for help when it became clear that Tevat Noah was about to collapse and kill the innocent residents of the town. Admittedly, Malcolm was somewhat coerced by the barrel of Diggle’s gun, but once the team had dispersed to take on Anarky, he could have easily left and saved his own skin, yet there he is, ushering the townsfolk to safety.Whether this means that Malcolm is a rounded character whose morality lies in a fascinating grey area or his character is just poorly written depends entirely on your own point of view. 3. Has The Whole City Been Brainwashed?

Don't mess with Thea.

Don’t mess with Thea.

The death of Laurel Lance generated some tears a few episodes back, but since then, the residents of Star City have been uncharacteristically numb, barely reacting to even the most painful of news with little more than a shrug and perhaps a smidge or two of regret:
This all seems — questionable. 4. Ollie Should Be Dead By Now

Ollie loves a good bargain in Ikea.

Ollie loves a good bargain in Ikea.

The end of last week’s episode, “Monument Point,” threw our heroes into one of those thrilling cliffhanger scenarios that seems impossible to escape from, pitting Ollie and Diggle against a god-like version of Damien Darhk.We all knew that Spartan and Green Arrow would survive — it wouldn’t make sense for the climactic showdown to happen a week before the season finale — but the way it happened was somewhat predictable.Rather than just kill them both with a simple snap of the neck, Darhk decided to spare Ollie and Diggle because he wanted to “see their skin melt” during the eventual nuclear strike.


For the most part, Darhk has been a fascinating character on the show, helping to elevate this season beyond its predecessor, but this episode’s reliance on comic book tropes felt like a cop out for those of us who were genuinely excited to see more of Darhk’s power on display. 5. Curtis Is The Secret Weapon Of Team Arrow

"You make so much more sense now!"

“You make so much more sense now!”

Unfortunately, we don’t mean in the superhero sense — well, not yet anyway, as diehard fans are probably aware that Curtis Holt is actually a costumed crime-fighter in the comics, known as Mr. Terrific.No, what we mean is that Curtis is the most under-appreciated character on the show. Once again this week, he added some much needed wit and energy that kept audiences interested while the Smoak family’s issues played out.With any luck, the show’s writers will soon realize this and promote actor Echo Kellum to the principal cast, utilizing his comic timing more in every episode from now on. Lines That Hit The Mark: Best Quotes From This Week’s Episode

Arrow puns. Hehe.

Damien Darhk:

I turned steel arrows into dust and you thought lead would do the trick?”

Curtis Holt (to Felicity, after finding out about her parentage):

“You make so much more sense now!”

Malcolm Merlyn:

“We can discuss my parenting philosophy later.”


“That’s my mommy! Isn’t she pretty?”

Arrow returns with Episode 23, “Schism” next Wednesday, May 25 on The CW. Check out the official promo below.What did you think of “Lost in the Flood”?