‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale: 10 Questions We Want Arrowed In Season 6

‘Arrow’ Season 4 Finale: 10 Questions We Want Arrowed In Season 6 by Lily Masco , May 26th, 2016 at 4:46am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterSpoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the season finale of Arrow and The Flash .Arrow Season 4 finale “Schism” didn’t leave viewers with any particular cliffhangers. However, there are always loose ends to tie, and with that, more questions that need answering.For a full recap of “Schism” read here .1. Is Olicity Back?Felicity Smoak And Oliver Queen/The CWWhile Olicity’s love story has been rocky throughout the season, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) stands alone with him at the end of the episode, when Oliver (Stephen Amell) needs her the most.In an effort to save the world, Felicity never got to process the deaths from the first nuclear bomb. Will that change her and might that affect her feelings toward Oliver? It’s time for an Olicity reunion.2. How Will Quentin and Donna Keep Busy In Coast City?Quentin Lance/The CWIt’s no secret Donna (Charlotte Ross) is a little minx, but that’s not what we mean. Why did they choose Coast City? Will they actually be able to lead relaxing lives free of crime-fighting? Quentin’s (Paul Blackthorne) sure to have piled up a few enemies throughout his career…3. What Will Come Of Dig And His Family?John Diggle With Family/The CWWe last see John Diggle (David Ramsey) in a military uniform, kissing goodbye to Lyla (Audrey Marie Anderson) and his daughter. While fighting Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough), Spartan’s family was put in harm’s way one too many times, which probably contributed to his rationale for leaving Team Arrow.We’ve witnessed the negative affects of killing his brother, Andy (Eugene Byrd). He no longer has a proper sense of self and will need some time back in the military to remind him of his identity. Is this temporary or will he eventually return to help the Green Arrow?4. Can Thea Really Run Away From Her Own Darkness?Speedy/The CWThea Queen (Willa Holland) threatened the life of an innocent girl in order to save her brother – and it was brilliant! F*cked up, but it worked, didn’t it? However, she didn’t seem so proud of herself, which led to her decision to recoil from her brother’s mission.Speedy still hasn’t had time to grieve the death of her most recent boyfriend, Alex Davis (Parker Young). While he is presumed dead, it wouldn’t be the most shocking thing that’s ever happened in the DC world if he had somehow survived. Regardless, we have no idea as to what Thea will resort to next in her effort to escape the demonic effects of the Lazarus Pit.5. Who Will Malcolm Merlyn Side With Next?Malcolm Merlyn/The CWMerlyn (John Barrowman) is notorious for switching sides, depending on which one will better serve him and his daughter, Thea. While Thea has less and less respect or love for him with every petty thing he has done to her, there is a chance he will continue to harass her on her journey of escape.While nothing is certain, he might continue to harass her, either joining her normal life, or more probably tempting her to go back to her old one. But, if he leaves her, what will become of him? Will he be the next villain or simply pull his usual trick of being the latter’s accomplice?6. Who will be the next villain?Damien Darhk/The CWThe finale did not leave any suggestions as to whom would be the next villain. Oliver Queen is bound to make some enemies of his own now that he’s in office as mayor. We might see some villains return from the past or the island, or even cross over from the DC Comics multiverse. Only time will tell…7. What Will Come Of Damien Darhk’s Daughter?Damien Darhk And His Daughter/The CWLet’s not forget Darhk was a father. While one might question his parenting methods, the villain left an impressionable daughter behind. This girl has witnessed far too much death at her young age to end up normal.On top of that, she is now an orphan with no one to take care of her. In DC terms, she has gone through the rite of passage which will either turn her into a hero or villain.8. Will Oliver’s Son Return?Mayor Oliver Queen/The CWWilliam had to disappear from Oliver’s life after Darhk kidnapped him. Now that Darhk no longer poses a threat, perhaps Oliver will find a way back to him. However, knowing Oliver, he probably will not be the one to reach out to his son out of fear for the latter’s life.When Oliver ran for mayor, his past was dug up leading to his discovery of his son. Now that he is officially mayor and back in the public eye, maybe someone else will re-dig up this information and use it against him.9. Who Could Join Team Arrow?Arrow Season 4 Finale “Schism”/The CWNow that Team Arrow has been reduced to Olicity, they’ll be looking to fill a few spots. Seeing as Curtis Holt (Echo Kellum) is the latest addition, it is likely Season 5 will follow the comics by making his position official.Another option could be the return of anti-hero The Calculator a.k.a. Felicity’s father (Noah Kuttler). While Donna told him to leave, nothing is impossible. The father-daughter duo worked pretty well, after all.Roy Harper’s (Colton Haynes) return to Season 5 has already been announced , meaning he will most likely rejoin Team Arrow. However, it is unsure how permanent his return will be. We can also hope for more guest appearances from Nyssa, or Sara Lance and Ray Palmer who have joined Legends of Tomorrow .10. Will Any Of This Matter After The Flash Season 2 Finale?The Flash And Arrow/The CWThe Season 2 finale of The Flash took an alternate route to Arrow ‘s finale, leaving us with the biggest cliffhanger of all. Will everything change? Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) travels back in time to save his mom. This is a decision he had previously decided not to make given the guaranteed ripple effects of changes made during time travel.This could just impact The Flash , but the consequences could very likely manifest across the DC multiverse, which includes Arrow . The possible effects are infinite, putting absolutely everything into question. So many questions…Take a look at what we think should happen in Season 5 .Arrow Season 4/The CWWould You Like To See Barry Allen’s Actions Affect Season 5 Of Arrow ?