‘Arrow’ Season Premiere Title Confirmed For Season 5 — But What Does It Mean?

Arrow has definitely dipped in quality throughout the past two seasons. Season 5 is the show’s last chance to get because if they don’t, the show will lose even more of its fanbase and possibly have a difficult time getting renewed for another season.

Personally, I haven’t lost hope in Arrow just yet. I may be falling into another trap, but Season 5 seems like it may be going in the right direction — back to its roots. The show is shrinking down in scale and staying in Star City while introducing .

They will also be playing around with the “Mayor Oliver Queen by day, Green Arrow by night” concept and how those two different personas clash. Lastly, the addition of Artemis — — will definitely please the fans. We know that the show will be but are not exactly sure how.

Season 5 has a lot of weight on its shoulders and will hopefully fix the issues the show has faced these past two years. Arrow Season 5 has officially started shooting and Marc Guggenheim tweeted about the occasion while also revealing the title of the season premiere.

Arrow‘s “Legacy”— What Does It Mean?

Guggenheim has revealed that the title of the first Season 5 episode of Arrow is titled “Legacy.” Obviously, this isn’t a blatant hint like the title of With a title such as “Legacy,” there are many ways to interpret it.

Many fans hypothesize that the title could have to do with the broken Team Arrow; perhaps the team reuniting will be one of the bigger themes throughout the first part of the season. Others think the title alludes to Detective Lance honoring Laurel in some way, but I think his role will be very diminished this season. Also, neither of those things really have to do with a “legacy.” A legacy is something handed down by a predecessor — sometimes it could be money or property left to someone in a will.

When you think of what a legacy actually is in relation to a comic book television series such as Arrow, the first thought that pops in most people’s minds is a superhero identity or “taking over the mantle.” This could easily be the case if there was actually a mantle to be handed down in the first place. Oliver Queen isn’t retiring as the Green Arrow, no one else is taking the identity of the Black Canary, and the others are either taking a break or just continuing what they are doing.

Even though there is no superhero identity being handed down, there is a mayoral position being given to Oliver Queen. He will look back at the corrupt mayors of the past and promise to do good for his city.

That is how I interpret the title “Legacy”: The position of mayor being handed to Oliver Queen and his promise to do his best to fulfill his duties as mayor — and secretly as the Green Arrow.

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What do you guys think? What does the title “Legacy” really mean? Will Arrow live up to the hype this season or will it flop?


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