Arrow Star Hints At Season Five Villain, Another Vigilante

Stephen Amell appeared at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia this weekend to talk about both the recently released Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and of course the CW’s Arrow. He didn’t have much information about the upcoming season of the DC hero’s show and kept a tight lip about what he did know.

“I have a meeting with the writing team on Wednesday,” Amell said. “And even if I had it this past Wednesday, I actually still couldn’t tell you anything.”

Amell did eventually open up a bit though when he was asked about what other heroes and villains we might see introduced in the next season. In fact, he even went as far as to hint at the idea that we may have already seen next season’s villain before.

“Our villain is going to, in a lot of ways, be a call back to season one,” Amell said. “That’s something that you can do when you’re in season five.”

He went on to explain that this villain will change the direction that the show has gone in over the past couple of seasons.

“The villain that we have coming in is really going to ground the show,” Amell said. “And take us back to some of the elements that we had in the earlier days, before we introduced so many fantastical elements.”

It seems as though we may be seeing a grittier Arrow, like we saw in the first season of the show. It is always interesting to see how new characters will impact the dynamic of a show, and the new villain isn’t the only one we’ll be seeing added to the formula.

“We are introducing another vigilante from the DC universe next season,” Amell said with a smirk. “I always give away too much.”

Speculation could run wild after that statement. We could see anyone from the most minor of character to the Dark Knight himself, and I’m sure fans all over are already writing up their theories.

Speaking of theories, Amell was later asked what character in the DC universe he would like to play if he wasn’t the Green Arrow. His answer may have surprised a lot of people.