‘Arrow’ Theory: Flashpoint Batman (Thomas Wayne) Will Be The New Vigilante To Face Green Arrow In Season 5

Season 2 of The Flash had so many twists and turns that is was hard to keep up with at times even for the most avid comic book fan. There was one event however that every comic book reader was able spot in the last few minutes of the season 2 finale. Barry has officially started the Flashpoint storyline from the comics – or at least the shows version of it.

Flashpoint was the comic book story of how Barry raced back in time to stop Reverse Flash from killing his mother. While he succeeded; when he returned back to his normal timeline the Earth was on the brink of destruction. In this new timeline Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war and they are taking the world down with them. This timeline also has other changes such as Superman being kept locked away in a government facility, and Thomas Wayne is Batman instead of Bruce.

In this timeline it was Bruce who got shot, not Thomas and Martha. Thomas became Batman and Martha went crazy and became the Joker.

Thomas(Batman) and Martha(Joker)

Thomas(Batman) and Martha(Joker)

I have a theory that Thomas Wayne’s Batman will be joining the Flarrowverse due to the Flashpoint storyline. More specifically he will be joining the cast of Arrow.

reported last week that Arrow is set to feature a brand new vigilante that is described as : “a cocksure/reckless ex-Marine turned vigilante”

The first thing you need to know about Flashpoint Batman is that he is not like our original Batman, he is not afraid to kill and he uses guns as his weapon of choice.

His character is mentally unstable and will kill criminals a lot more times than not. He is a character that fits the brief description we got about the character. Thomas Wayne is a large part of the Flashpoint story, and works with Barry to stop Aquaman and Wonder Woman and defeat Reverse Flash once and for all. So it would make sense for his character to appear in the Flarrowverse for this upcoming season since he was arguably the most important character outside of Barry in the comic book telling of the story.

The only flaw in this way of thinking, is that Thomas Wayne is not an “ex-marine,” as it is stated this new vigilante will be. It is never mentioned anywhere in the comics that Thomas Wayne was ever even in the military, so this could be a potential problem in the theory. However, considering how skilled his character is with a gun, it would be realistic for him to have training with fire arms and a military background would be an easy thing for the writers to sneak into his backstory.

They have already changed so much from the comics to the screen, so is it hard to believe that they could be planning to change Thomas Wayne’s backstory?

Why would Flashpoint Batman appear on Arrow, but not The Flash?

(Flashpoint Paradox)

(Flashpoint Paradox)

While Flashpoint Batman worked with Barry Allen in the comic version of this story, the TV shows will obviously have to create their own version of the story and alter a lot of characters. When Barry creates the Flashpoint it will obviously create a domino effect that will cause changes in the Arrow show as well, since Arrow exists in the same universe as The Flash. I believe that The Flash will be dealing with the changes that altering the timeline will have and trying to fix them. More than likely Eobard Thawne could return as the primary antagonist.

While Barry is dealing with trying to fix the timeline, I think Oliver will be dealing with his own threats that will spawn from the Flashpoint storyline. Whoever the new antagonist is in Arrow season 5, I think Thomas Wayne is after them and Batman and Green Arrow will clash over how to handle criminals. Maybe we even get REALLY lucky and get Martha Wayne’s Joker to appear!

Would DC let Batman appear on TV?

This ain’t your Daddy’s Batman.

DC has been a stickler about allowing their bigger name characters to appear on the small screen, but they seem to be easing up a little bit on their restrictions with the recent news that in Supergirl season 2. With this news it gives fans at the very least hope that DC could eventually let Batman appear on TV.

The good thing about Flashpoint Batman is the fact that he is not really Batman, or at least not the Batman that DC has seemed unwilling to feature on TV. He is an alternate version of the character that would be an amazing addition and then more than likely go away once the Flashpoint timeline is fixed; since he never existed in the natural timeline. Not really much harm there.

We know that the Wayne’s already exist the Flarrowverse from this clip in season 1 of The Flash.

It is very interesting that it just so happens that Wayne Tech and Queen Inc. are the two companies that have an upcoming merger in the future. Could this Flashpoint storyline be how Oliver gets introduced to the Wayne’s?


While this is not a lot to go on, I think we can all agree that this would be an amazing turn of events and could give Arrow the ratings boost that it needs. Flashpoint Batman is a character that fans love and he adds a very interesting dynamic for the Green Arrow character.

What do you guys think? Do you wanna see Flashpoint Batman in Season 5 of Arrow? Tell me what you think in the comments and thank you for reading!


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