Azor Ahai 101: Who Is The Prince That Was Promised?

Spoilers Ahead! Spoilers for A Song Of Ice And Fire books and Game Of Thrones Season 6.There’s one topic in particular that’s driven home in A Song Of Ice And Fire books and comparatively only touched on in Game Of Thrones, but the chances of it becoming a much bigger deal throughout Season 6 and the end of the series are HIGH. Does the name Azor Ahai ring any bells? What about the Prince Who Was Promised? (N.B. Some people think that the Prince Who Was Promised and Azor Ahai are two separate entities, but Melisandre and Aemon Targaryen both use Azor Ahai interchangeably, so for the purposes of this ariticle, I will, too.)We All Know That Winter Is Coming…And it’s going to be a long one. And the White Walkers are this close to getting over the wall. The last time that Winter descended upon the world, one hero rescued all the people from getting turned into human slushies for the White Walkers to guzzle. This legendary hero is known across Westeros and Essos by many names, but one of these names seems to be the most popular: Azor Ahai. Check out this clip from back in Season 2, back when Melisandre thought she had everything figured out:
Melisandre believed she had found the ancient warrior that was written about in books. She believed that promised prince was Stannis Baratheon. Of course, we all know how that turned out…What are the clues that point to Azor Ahai?Well, as the prophecy goes, Azor Ahai is related to all of these symbols:Who are the characters that could possibly be the Prince That Was Promised?1. DaenerysThe way things stand at the moment, no one is more likely to be the one to save the world from the next Ice Age than Daenerys Targeryen. Aemon Targaryen believes that she could be the prince who was promised, since Valeryian is a gender-neutral language.She’s matches up with all the symbols: 2. Jon SnowSince his timely resurrection at the hands of Melisandre in Season 6, Jon Snow is another solid contender for the Prince that was Promised. He doesn’t fulfill as many of the criteria as Dany (yet), but if you’ve been following the R+L=J fan theory, it’s possible that he possesses the same Targaryen blood as Daenerys. And since he’s already a distinguished warrior, it wouldn’t be too surprising if he were to pull a mythical sword out of flames sometime in the next few episodes.3. Tyrion LannisterComing in third place is the clever, drunken dwarf Tyrian Lannister. He’s connected to even less of the Azor Ahai symbols than Jon Snow, but if you believe in A+J=T, then it could be that Tyrion will ride the third of Dany’s dragons.
If you want to know even more about Azor Ahai and the Prince that was Promised, check out Alt Shift X’s fan video that incorporates evidence from the books and show to tell you everything you need to know about this Game Of Thrones theory. What do you think about Azor Ahai and the Prince that was Promised?