Barry Allen Vs Barry Allen: Who Is Really The Fastest Man Alive?

For many years the DC universe has been dominated by men of steel and knights of darkness. But this year, a scarlet speedster is finally stealing the show and earning the respect he’s deserved all these years. Having starred in two phenomenal comic-con trailers the world didn’t fall in love with one Flash, but two!

First off, The CW gave us , showing a world greatly altered and Barry greatly questioning his decisions.

While, across the multiverse DC . Intense eye contact, snarky comments and Ben Affleck may just prove that Justice League is just the films fans have been waiting for:

After so many years of hiding in the shadows, it’s finally the Flash’s time to shine. However, could the world have gotten more than it bargained for? Are two superpowered speedsters better than one? Although CW’s Grant Gustin and Justice League’s Ezra Miller both portray the same loveable Barry Allen, the men they portray are different in more ways than one. See for yourself:

Their Appearance

Images: Warner Bros, DC Comics, The CW.
Images: Warner Bros, DC Comics, The CW.

Honestly, I’m slightly disappointed that neither Barry Allen cast actually looks like the comic-book hero. Both young actors are phenomenal artists but Ezra and Grant look more alike then they do to the actual Barry Allen. This might not bother many people, but with Marvel casting superhero lookalikes for their movies (have you ?) ,this inaccuracy in appearance may bother true comic-book fans. Hopefully, their portrayals of the character are more accurate.

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Images: The CW, Warner Bros.

Although both actors play Barry Allen, their characters are totally different. Both Barrys stole the show in their respective trailers. Grant’s Flash is adorable and loveable in a nerdy polite way, and over the years he has stolen the hearts of fans around the world. Ezra’s Flash may not have not have had as much screen time as Grant’s, but in the few moments he is shown in the trailer, one thing became very clear. A more accurate name for the Justice League movie would be The Flash feat. The Justice League. Ezra’s character possesses a cockiness and a cheekiness (which becomes fully evident in his reaction to the great Bruce Wayne’s appearance) which are totally lacking in Grant’s Barry. But, where Grant’s Barry possesses more friends than we could count, Ezra’s Barry admits that he needs to make friends, really tugging at the heartstrings of audiences.

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Images: Warner Bros., The CW

A hero is only as magnificent as their costume. Both Ezra and Grant look amazing in the iconic red and gold costume of the Flash- but apart from that, their costumes are totally different. Ezra’s Flash costume, clad in metal, has a very futuristic appearance as if he has just emerged from a video game or some apocalyptic wasteland or a mix of both. It is totally epic. His appearance matches the narrative that he cobbled it together from stolen tech (Hey! even the good guys have their dark moments) and it has been heavily hinted that this isn’t even his final form! Some believe that Batman may even help the young speedster with a newer and more awesome costume, and I really can’t wait to see how that turns out! However, where Ezra’s costume may be more epic-looking, Grant’s appears more practical. Totally lacking any armor, his costume appears much lighter, making the costume ideal for maximising the Flash’s speed. What really is magnificent about each costume is that, although they look totally different, the emblem on their chests is clear as day- there’s no doubt which meta-human they portray, and that’s absolutely fantastic.

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Images: The CW, Warner Bros.

The ballad of Barry Allen has changed over the decades: universes have merged and fallen apart, men of steel have died and dark knights fell and rose again. But some things never changed and one of these things is Barry’s ability to generate lightning as he runs. Both Grant’s and Ezra’s Flashes adhere to this tradition. Grant’s lightning is the classical gold, but bizarrely Ezra’s Flash produces blinding blue lightning, which resembles actual lightning more accurately. I can’t wait to see if this blue lightning will have the same effect as the classical gold coloration, or if the color of his lightning will change throughout the film. But, if his lightning is blue shouldn’t his costume, be blue too?

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At first, it may seem peculiar for two different actors to portray the same speedster at the same time. But, as you can see, although both actors portray the ever famous Barry Allen, their versions of the characterise both completely different different. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see how the Flash Season 3 and unfold. How I wish the speedforce could bring them to us quicker!

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