Trailer for Bastards.

Peter (Ed Helms) and Kyle Reynolds (Owen Wilson) are two brothers whose eccentric mother (Glenn Close) raised them to believe their father had died when they were young. When they discover this to be a lie, they set out to find their real father, learning more about their mother than they probably ever wanted to know. This will mar Lawrence Sher’s first time being in the Director chair for a feature film. He is best known for being a great Cinematographer and worked on all the Hangover films, , Due Date, Garden State and many others.

The director of photography is John Lindley ( ) and production designer is Stephen H. Carter (art director on ).

Bastards Trailer Screen Shot
Justin Malen is the Writer for Bastards and this is technically going to be his first feature film too. But Justin has quite the lineup of films in the pipeline after Bastards: Baywatch, Office Christmas Party, Wished and Bad Teacher 2.
A comedy starring Ed Helms and Owen Wilson, you already have my attention. These two are known for their comedic roles and they look to have good chemistry between them. Owen really has not impressed me too much since he nailed it in (except for Cars and I am not a fan of Zoolander…sorry). Hopefully this role can help with get back on track. Ed Helms has had a little better luck wince the Hangover series but nothing extraordinary.

An over the top comedy with an over the top story line. And on top of that you get some hilarious cameos from Terry Bradshaw and Ving Rhames which should help this film get legs.

Of course based on a single trailer it is tough to tell if the jokes will fall flat, but for now Warner Bros has my attention and I wait for more to decide if they deserve my money.
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