Batman Takes Charge In The First ‘Justice League’ Trailer

San Diego Comic-Con is currently happening and us fans have been spoiled with breaking news, casting announcements, and trailers. Warner Bros.’ panel took place today and not only did we get to see our , but we got (which comes out next November). Check out the brand new trailer for yourself:

Uniting The Justice League

Another look at this EPIC picture of the J.L.A.

Another look at this EPIC picture of the J.L.A.

In this trailer, we see Bruce Wayne enter a room full of fishermen and he begins to talk about the man who brings them fish (who we know is Aquaman). We see Arthur Curry turn around and speak one word: “talk.” We then see a montage of different clips of Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Barry Allen, and Victor Stone while Bruce Wayne explains how the world is in danger and it is vital for him to see Aquaman. Aquaman shows that he clearly doesn’t want to join when he pins Bruce Wayne on the wall and gives him a death stare.

At the end of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Batman and Wonder Woman committed to assembling a team of superheroes to defeat a larger force than any of them could possibly imagine in honor of Superman’s death. We also saw that Wonder Woman had a lot of information gathered on Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg. In this movie, she will probably send Bruce Wayne out on missions to go find these three heroes. She cannot perform the task herself because she lives in secret and cannot reveal herself to world as Diana Prince nor Wonder Woman — at least for now.

We then get to finally see the scene (or at least most of it) that was shown to a small group of people by Warner Bros. last month and one of those people leaked a description of the scene (which is what we see here). We see Barry Allen walk into his apartment to see Bruce Wayne sitting in a chair — Barry’s second favorite chair. It is nice to see that there will be some humor to this movie and . Anyways, while Barry tries to deny that he is the Flash, Bruce throws a batarang at him and we see Barry easily dodging and catching it, to which Bruce replies: “So you’re fast.” When Bruce gives Barry the speech about how he is assembling a team of superheroes to save the world, Barry quickly accepts as he needs friends. Seeing this exchange between Batman and the Flash is important on many levels but it for the Flash’s character specifically as it shows something very important.

The Movie Flash Is Very Different From The TV Flash

Whether or not Ezra Miller’s Flash is better or worse, this Justice League trailer shows how different his flash is from Grant Gustin’s. It has always been a concern that these two versions of the Flash will end up being too similar. This reason is why the TV shows have had to cut out many characters who they knew were appearing on the big screen, such as the Suicide Squad.

While Barry Allen on The Flash is funny at times, this trailer portrays Barry Allen as a funnier character and that he will be the main source of comical relief in the Justice League films. Even beyond that, these two versions are still different enough to not get mixed up. Their costumes look very different, the actors are polar opposites, their sense of humor are unlike as the movie’s Flash has more of a Cisco-type of humor. Also, he seems like he is very lonely and as he stated — he doesn’t have any friends. On the other hand, Barry Allen on The Flash is surrounded by his family and friends and is never alone, even when he thinks he is. Overall, the movie did a good job differentiating their Flash from the very successful Flash on the hit CW show The Flash.

The Justice League Forms

In the last part of the trailer, we see some awesome shots with the different members of the future team about to form, like Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and . We also get to see how the Flash runs and how it would look (spoilers: it looked pretty awesome). It appears that whenever he runs he shoots lightning bolts. This is the first time we get to see the Flash on the big screen with a high budget. This movie will give the Flash a more realistic and awesome look.

At the end of the trailer, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and the Flash are standing in an empty room with cement walls when Cyborg tells Batman, “I heard about you. I didn’t think you were real” and Batman responds, “I’m real when it’s useful.” After we got to see the awesome logo, Batman looks Aquaman in the eyes and says, “Arthur Curry, I hear you talk to fish.”

This trailer definitely put Batman in front, as he will be the one assembling the Justice League. Shortly after the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Zack Snyder revealed that the reason he “killed” Superman off was because . This trailer showed us his chemistry between him and Wonder Woman, Cyborg, and especially Aquaman and Barry Allen. Since the last two installments in the DCU haven’t been spectacular to everyone, it got some people worried about this film. This trailer has now taken those fears and shoved them away as this was an epic introduction to the Justice League of America on the big screen.

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