Bob Iger Defends Disney Against Bernie Sanders

Bernie’s pointing fingers at Disney.

At the Anaheim Convention Center on Tuesday, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders used Disney as a perfect example of America’s “rigged economy,” citing the disparity between Iger’s wages and those of his employees. Sanders spoke of workers forced to live in motels due to their lack of income, and added:
Clearly Iger didn’t appreciate the slam and decided to up the ante by using a private Facebook post to call out Sanders and throw a few facts of his own into the ring:

Iger burns Sanders. Or should I say Berns?

Iger burns Sanders. Or should I say Berns?

Disney also brought in $2.9 billion in its first quarter for 2016, so clearly it isn’t quite as inactive in the US economy as Sanders suggests. One has to wonder how many Disney employees were at the rally on Tuesday. Or whether they agree or disagree with Sanders’ remarks against what is one of the largest employers in the LA area. A representative for Disney did respond to TheWrap when approached, saying the following:Sanders’ views on wage disparity are certainly valid, but he may have chosen the wrong company β€” and CEO β€” to make an example of this time. Safe to say you can still Feel the Bern and still love Disney. After all, as a whisperer of birds, Bernie’s practically a Disney princess himself.

Snow White Bernie.