Brand New ‘Moana’ Footage Introduces A New Foe For Our Pacific Princess

If you weren’t already convinced by the trailers and images of Disney’s upcoming princess film Moana that we’ve already seen, prepare to be swept away by the newest footage!

Released on Monday by Disney, the latest clip from Moana not only give us more insight into our leads, Moana and Maui, and their mission, but also a hint at a new foe previously only : the lava monster!

Take a look:

Beautiful! And how cool are Maui’s tattoos?! Maui’s ink actually depicts his famous legendary feats, but the fact that they’re animated is such a cool touch.

But aside from being awesome, there was a ton of new info packed into that 60 second trailer! Let’s take a peek.

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The lava monster!

Fearsome and Fiery [Disney]

After being introduced to a couple of new villains — including the cute Kakamora and Tamatoa the crab — in images released a few weeks back, we’ve now got our first look at footage of the fearsome-looking lava monster! We know from past interviews and trailers that Moana and Maui come up against a number of obstacles on their quest, but it looks as though the lava monster could be one of the toughest.

A better look at the Kakamora

The Kakamora look like trouble [Disney]

We had our first glimpse at the Kakamora in an image released by Disney a few weeks ago, but in this trailer we got to see a whole lovely bunch of them (get it? Because they’re literally coconuts? I’ll see myself out). The Kakamora are one of the challenges Moana and Maui come up against on their quest, and while they look adorable, given the sheer numbers of these little guys, I’m betting they’re still a pain in the tush to defeat.

Moana and Maui aren’t instant best friends

Maui chucks Moana overboard [Disney]

While we know that Moana and Maui team up together, it looks as though — at least initially — it’s a reluctant pairing, with Maui even turfing Moana off their vessel, and Moana having to do her best to persuade Maui that joining her quest will be worth it for the glory.

Moana’s quest is about saving the WORLD!

Moana convincing Maui [Disney]
Moana convincing Maui [Disney]

Prior to this trailer we knew that Moana was embarking on a journey across the Pacific ocean to pick up where her ancestors quests mysteriously stopped centuries ago. We knew that Moana’s quest would be of importance, but if Moana’s words to Maui about saving the world are to be believed then it could be a matter of life and death!

Moana sails into theaters on November 23, 2016

Are you ready to take a journey with Moana and Maui?



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