Brave New World: ‘Flashpoint’ Has Arrived In Season 3 Trailer Of ‘The Flash’

It seems like no time in awe-inspiring Season 2 finale of The Flash. Since then, fans have been overwhelmed with excitement at the possibility of a storyline based on the iconic Flashpoint arc from the comics. Grant Gustin would then make our dreams a reality when he tweeted out that the . Now, at Comic-Con, the first trailer for The Flash Season 3 has been released.

Check out the trailer below:

Things look like they are about to get a whole lot more interesting on The Flash — is that even possible? Well, let’s take a look at some of important things we should take note of from the trailer:

The Perfect Life

Happily Ever After: The Allens.
Happily Ever After: The Allens.

Barry has reset the timeline and, , his mother Nora and father Henry are both alive and well, and happy. Nora was never murdered by Thawne and Henry never went to prison for her murder. Thus, the Allens are given a moment of the happiness they truly deserve. I’m excited to see both Michelle Harrison and John Wesley Shipp return — both of them always give strong performances and some Allen family happiness is well overdue.

It All Begins Again

WestAllen In All Timelines: Iris and Barry.
WestAllen In All Timelines: Iris and Barry.

We know that Barry and Iris are destined to be together. The comics tell us, the future tells us, even Gideon tells us. WestAllen is happening. And when it finally did in the Season 2 finale, Barry reset the timeline, creating a paradoxical ripple in the timeline. One of the effects — Barry never grew up with Iris and thus, they never fell for each other. The trailer reveals that the two meet again for the first time as adults. Yet, it seems their connection is still alive and well. Will WestAllen find happiness in this “Flashpoint” timeline?

Alchemy Is Coming!

If you didn’t catch it the first time around — it only appears briefly — well, be warned: Dr. Alchemy is coming to The Flash. It has been confirmed that DC Comics character will be a main antagonist of Season 3. In the comics, the character possesses the power to transform the human body, and even turned the Flash into a being of water vapor! I wonder if he will be bringing some of those interesting powers with him to the TV show!

Cisco Is A Billionaire

In perhaps one of the most shocking of twists, kind-hearted Cisco Ramon has become a mildly eccentric billionaire with lady friends and a helicopter.

We’re shocked too Cisco!

But it should warm your heart to know that he still exhibits some classy Cisco sass, calling Barry a “stringbean.”

Reverse-Flash Imprisoned

Many were wondering what would happen to Eobard Thawne since Barry stopped him from killing his mother and thus, stopped him from eviscerating like he did during the Season 1 finale. Well, now we know the fate of the Reverse-Flash and he is indeed, alive and well! Barry has him imprisoned and in a shocking twist, it seems like he is attempting to be the voice of reason. He even titles the timeline “Flashpoint”. How apt!

Kid Flash Is Born!

Kid Flash: Wally To The Rescue!
Kid Flash: Wally To The Rescue!

After seeing it confirmed with amazing photos last week, . Well now it looks like it will be in the “Flashpoint” timeline. The one shot of him raising his head in somewhat slow motion is enough to send chills down my spine. Kid Flash is here!

So with production on The Flash Season 3 having only begun a couple of weeks ago, it’s safe to assume they have big plans for the show. If they managed to prepare this amazing trailer out of the first two weeks of filming, I shudder to think what an entire episode will look like. The timeline has now been altered and nothing is sure anymore. Well, except for one thing: “Flashpoint” is here!

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