Bro, Get Off Twitter: Maisie Williams Has The Perfect Response For The Spoiler Police

In honor of Maisie Williams IDGAF attitude, this is NOT a spoiler warning. But if you haven’t seen Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 8 “No One,” seriously, go do that now and come right back.

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As a Game Of Thrones actor, it must be hard enough keeping all the spoilers under wraps before the episode airs — — so expecting the stars to keep quiet even after the episode has finished airing might just be asking too much.

19-year-old Maisie Williams caught some flack late Sunday night for tweeting the following, slightly spoilery line:

Now, usually, if you’re trying to avoid spoilers for the most popular show of all time, Twitter is probably not the place for you. One Game Of Thrones fan, however, thought that Maisie was the one getting ahead of herself. He attempted to rain on her hard-earned parade with 19 passive aggressive characters:

Of course, since he hadn’t seen the episode, you can almost excuse him for thinking he could still mess with the youngest Stark sister, Arya the Face-Remover. The amazing Maisie had the perfect response:


And to be fair, Williams was NOT the first person to share the good news of her badassery on social media. At least she had the courtesy to wait 24 whole minutes. The Twitterverse has basically been chattering non-stop since the minute she uttered the epic statement we’d all been waiting for:

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to check out the . And don’t forget to watch the trailer for this Sunday’s episode, ” “:

What was your favorite part of last Sunday’s Game Of Thrones?


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