Can We Expect This Member of Team Flash To Guest Star On ‘Supergirl’?

Can We Expect This Member of Team Flash To Guest Star On ‘Supergirl’? by Kurt Arthur , May 25th, 2016 at 8:15am Share on Facebook Share to TwitterTHERE WILL BE SPOILERS FOR THE FLASH ‘THE RACE OF HIS LIFE’There’s one more episode, right? No. I’m totally disappointed with the season finale of The Flash for many reasons. Last year’s finale, well, was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen on television. This season’s wasn’t horrible, wait, yeah, it kinda was.Firstly, Jay Garrick, is Barry’s dad’s doppelganger from Earth-3 (I’m down with that). It would make sense that he is The Flash from Supergirl’s Earth, right? We learned last night that in previous episodes — if a speedster goes fast enough, then they can open a portal to another universe. Basically, it’s the only other Earth we could possibly care about and it’d allow him to guest star on later episodes.The FlashNow, I have no clue on exactly what are Barry’s ramifications from saving his mom and what it means for next year (I’ll theorize later). I’d love see Supergirl on Barry’s world and it’s a possibility now.One must conclude; the reason Kara hasn’t heard of The Flash — is because Zoom had him imprisoned. Now, if they still have Kara on a different Earth when she premieres on The CW, then we should see Jay Garrick be The Flash for her world, right?I loved Garrick’s outfit and I loved how it kinda looked like the 90’s Flash costume! Yet, why did Hunter put him in an iron mask? I need to watch it once more and because maybe I missed something. So, he was running around different worlds and he only found, Jay Garrick? I’m done speculating on this season.I believe if Supergirl stays in a different universe, then we’ll see Jay Garrick show-up and help her out as well (Henry is too damn like-able)! I’m sure that people in Texas, they don’t talk about how great of a Running Back, Barry Sanders, was (he’s the G.O.A.T). I think this is how people view their superheroes (I don’t know, you never hear how great Green Arrow is in Central City?). Thus, explains why we’ve never heard of Garrick on Kara’s Earth.WHY DID BARRY SAVE HIS MOM – BESIDES THE OBVIOUS?I’m still reeling on why Barry went back and saved his mom. I’ve read Flashpoint and I saw the animated movie (God DAMMIT, Barry better not lose his powers again.). I’m not quite sure how they’re going to do this on The CW. Didn’t that just neglect everything that went down in Season One? Holy shit, Barry basically had a tantrum and now he possibly f*cked the whole world up.I thought this was a set point in time and nothing could change it (I have a headache). It makes total sense that Harry Wells went back to Earth-2, because now, we actually can meet Earth-1’s Harrison Wells next season. Will Eddie be back? I don’t know, but Kal-El it’s confusing! How will the world change? You’d think this would be exciting, but it’s not for me. I’m sure some people love this episode, but it’d left me with a horrible feeling that my favorite show… is gone… in a… blink!WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE FLASH ‘THE RACE OF HIS LIFE’?