Captain America Gets The Upper Hand In The Box Office (Civil) War

With Memorial Day weekend now over, , bearing both good and bad news for Disney. The Alice in Wonderland sequel tanked with less than $30 million at the domestic box office, but Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War joined the ranks of Disney’s biggest achievements.

Captain America: Civil War Is The Biggest Domestic Movie Of 2016

While comic book Captain America was with one massive plot twist, its movie counterpart still seems to be meeting audiences’ expectations. Civil War reached $372.6 million domestically, beating the box office superstorm that was Deadpool earlier this year: Fox’s R-rated newcomer to the superhero cinematic universe brought in $362.8 million. That makes Marvel’s tent-pole the highest grossing domestic movie of the year, and it’s still showing in theaters! If you’re interested in how exactly the movie is making money, make sure to of Civil War‘s box office revenue.

It’s Also The Fourth MCU Movie To Pass The $1 Billion Mark Internationally

Ten days ago, the Avengers’ intense face-off also managed to pass the $1 billion mark internationally, which makes it the fourth MCU movie to do so after The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and The Avengers: Age of Ultron. In total, the MCU’s worldwide gross is now more than $10 billion with only 13 movies. In terms of rating, it’s also sitting quite high up on the .

What Is It That Helped Civil War Get Ahead Of Its Competitors?

The success of Marvel’s latest installment shines even more in comparison to its competitors, with Warner Bros.’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice but . Meanwhile, Fox’s new X-Men: Apocalypse is , but not reaching quite as high as Marvel on the box office podium.

Captain America: Civil War was praised for setting up a conflict that distanced itself from the usual battle of good versus evil, leaving audiences to struggle with a much more profound dilemma — so much that early viewers called the ending On top of the main discord fueling the action, fans and critics alike , which contributed to building up the hype for their solo movies.

Do you feel like Captain America: Civil War deserves its success?