Captain Marvel Is Crucial To Connecting The Avengers & The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Now that Captain Marvel , along with , it’s high time we get super psyched and speculative about Carol Danvers’s entrance into the MCU. Captain Marvel is one of Marvel’s most interesting characters, with an impressive array of cosmic powers and .

She’s an excellent crossover hero — her role as an Air Force Colonel grounds her in reality, but her superhero story often soars right into space. Oh, and as Carol has teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy many times in the comics, this makes her the perfect character to connect this offbeat space-based team with the Avengers.

With her latest solo comic exploring Carol’s role as an interstellar superhero, it seems likely that the MCU bosses will use Captain Marvel to bring the teams together, and set up Infinity War — Part 2.

Carol’s Awesome Cosmic Origin

Carol’s story is really fascinating. A shrewd Air Force Major, Carol soon got headhunted by NASA to lead their security division as a full bird Colonel. This was right around the time that the alien Kree race were embarking on a campaign to expand their empire, and Carol got caught in the crossfire. One accident involving a Psyche-Magnitron reality-altering device later, and Carol graduated from human Colonel to part-Kree superhero.

The best thing about classic heroes - magically appearing costumes.

The best thing about classic heroes – magically appearing costumes.

Carol became Ms. Marvel, partner of the then Captain Marvel (the Kree hero Mar-vell). She had plenty of adventures both in space and on Earth, and her powers got a significant boost when she was subjected to an evolutionary ray which tapped into her latent mutant genes.

Carol leveled up, becoming the impressively powerful hero Binary, with the power to use white holes to manipulate gravity, light, and electromagnetic forces. Light speed travel and the ability to survive in a vacuum were part of this hero boost package. Later on, Carol lost her connection to the white hole but retained many of her powers, still able to shoot photon beams from her hands and fly in space.

Captain Marvel soars in space.

Captain Marvel soars in space.

When Mar-vell died in 2012, Carol took up the mantle of Captain Marvel, and the rest is history.

So How Could This Work In The MCU?

Captain Marvel is the perfect opportunity to connect the dots between the advance space travel in Guardians of the Galaxy and humanity’s Earthbound technology, as Carol’s solo movie follows her Air Force origin to her work at NASA. Thanks to all that handy alien tech which fell to Earth in The Avengers, it’s likely that NASA has used this to develop their own form of defense against interstellar threats, and this could be the MCU’s version of the Alpha Flight — the space corps of fighters which Carol currently commands.

Carol commands Alpha Flight.

Carol commands Alpha Flight.

How Carol gets her powers is another crucial connection with Guardians. The Kree played a pivotal role in Guardians of the Galaxy, as the villain Ronan hails from this blue-skinned race. The machinations of the Kree Empire have been hinted at in both Guardians of the Galaxy and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Captain Marvel could be the perfect time to bring the Kree into the MCU in full force. Kevin Feige hinted that Captain Marvel would incorporate space plots when the film was announced.

“This film has been in the works almost as long as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ before it came out, and one of the key things was figuring out what we wanted to do with it. Her adventures are very earthbound, but her powers are based in the cosmic realm.”

Carol's story reaches far beyond the stars.
Carol’s story reaches far beyond the stars.

We start with Air Force Major Carol, learning about her career and her struggles with alcoholism. After she gets promoted to security chief at NASA, that’s when all the space stuff comes into play, introducing the Kree as a potential threat and plunging Carol into her superhero origin story.

This would be a great opportunity to feature cameos from the Guardians themselves, allowing Carol to provide a connection between the Earthbound Avengers and the Guardians later on in the franchise — the perfect way to bring the Guardians into Infinity War — Part 2. In the meantime, we get Carol as Captain Marvel commanding Alpha Flight, fighting alien threats, getting to grips with her cosmic powers, and occasionally tearing apart spaceships with her bare hands.

Carol just casually rips into a spaceship.

Carol just casually rips into a spaceship.

As for the Avengers themselves, Carol’s work at NASA would . All in all, Carol is probably the missing link we’ve been waiting for, the final connection between the Guardians and the Avengers, and her story could be the gateway to the MCU’s most epic team-up — the Avengers and Guardians joining forces against Thanos in Infinity War — Part 2. Awesome.

Do you want to see the Guardians cameo in Captain Marvel?