Carly Pope Joins Cast Of ‘Arrow’ As A Journalist With Ties To Hal Jordan — Could The Green Lantern Be On His Way?

The might be expanding to incorporated a long-awaited comic book favorite. Canadian actress Carly Pope is joining the cast of Arrow as journalist Susan Williams, who you might remember from the comics as the wife of Jim Jordan, Hal Jordan’s little brother. That’s right — she’s the Green Lantern’s sister-in-law.

Pope’s character comes to , tracking Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) as the subject of one of the biggest stories of her career.

This isn’t the first hint we’ve gotten that the Green Lantern might be on his way. Check out this . You might have noticed the airline of Hal Jordan’s girlfriend, Carol Ferris, pop up Season 1 of both Arrow and The Flash, and Season 3 of Arrow again. Although we haven’t met Carol in person, surely these hints could be pointing toward the Green Lantern’s future appearance in the series.

Carly Pope in Dirt

Carly Pope in Dirt

Before now, you may have seen 35-year-old Carly Pope as Morgan Burke on The Tomorrow People, or in a multiple episode arc as Samantha Roth on 24. She also starred in the late ’90s series Popular as Sam McPherson.

Are you looking forward to seeing Carly Pope play Susan Williams? Do you want to see the Green Lantern on Arrow?



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