Central Intelligence (2016)

Special trailer, distributed as an extended TV spot, for Central Intelligence mixes scenes from the film, outtakes, and production footage.Considering that Kevin Hart makes fun of the nickname “The Rock” in this special trailer slash TV spot for Central Intelligence, we should point out that Dwayne Johnson hasn’t given up on the nickname just yet. If you were to visit his awesome , you’d see he goes by The Rock over there.

Abandoning the fat jokes with the help of flashbacks, this final [extended] look at Central Intelligence was distributed as a TV spot, but feels more like the most unique trailer we’ve seen in a while. First off, when you are marketing a film that should be tons of fun, let me say it is genius to have your marketing material mix in some outtakes and on-set shenanigans. Genius.

I’m a big fan of both Johnson and Hart — though I feel there has to be clones of Hart running around at this point, as he’s everywhere — so really hoping Warner Bros found comedic gold by teaming these two up.

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