CGI Nips & 70 F***s: 7 Killer Facts About ‘Hostel 2’

A groundbreaking gorefest like is a hard act to follow, but director Eli Roth managed to make a marvelously likable bloodbath in 2007’s Hostel 2. Check out some awesome facts that make Hostel 2 even better!

1. Ban This Sick Filth!

It always delights horror fans to hear that a movie has joined the ; we wanna see what all the fuss is about! Hostel 2 did not disappoint, with a flat-out ban in Malaysia, Iran, Ukraine and New Zealand, with even liberal Germany banning the uncut version.

2. Meaty Treats

The , even though it’s just a picture of some meat!

3. Money Money Money

Hostel 2 made back triple its $10.2 million budget. Combined with the $76 million profit made by the first Hostel movie, the franchise became one of the most bankable horror series of all time.

4. The Swear Jar Overfloweth

Hostel 2 is super sweary, with over 70 fucks, 13 bitches, five shits and four cunts!

5. Giving Thanks

Eli Roth had a highly productive day off during the filming of Hostel 2, when he shot the trailer for fake movie Thanksgiving, used as part of the pre-roll for Grindhouse. Roth shot the trailer in Slovakia and reused Paxton’s corpse. See if you can spot it!

6. Famous Faces

Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato makes a cameo in Hostel 2 as “The Italian Cannibal.” The precedent was set by horror director Takashi Miike appearing briefly in .

7. Free The Nip

In the scene where Axelle goes nude, actress Vera Jordanova’s nipples were actually rendered with CGI.

Axelle and Beth share a moment

Axelle and Beth share a moment

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