Channing Tatum Appears With A Cat On His Head On Snapchat & It’s Everything We’ve Ever Wanted

Just the other day, it appeared as if the social media seas had parted to allow Channing Tatum to generously gift us another candid appearance on Snapchat. And it was everything and beyond what we would expect from such a momentous occasion — although, granted it wasn’t as epic as that time he rocked out with his bod out like in Magic Mike XXL for what :

Anyway, while he’s been giving his gyrating hips a break, on Tuesday, Chan made a sneaky cameo on his wife Jenna Dewan’s Snapchat account. And naturally, he embraced the platform’s array of fun and flirty filters to pose with a kitty cat lovingly wrapped around his head — like so:

— Snapchat

— Snapchat

Amazing? Yes, we think so too!

Although Jenna is eager to document the with Chan on the regular on social media (and it too!), this is really something else. Oh, and now we know that Channing clearly totters around the house half-naked behind closed doors too.

Thanks for letting us in on that little secret!

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