Characters on ‘The Walking Dead’ That Should Hook Up!

You know what? Dating, love, and everything that comes with it is hard enough to figure out and make work as it is. Throw in a zombie apocalypse? It just gets worse.
You want to please them, but you also don’t want to die.Before, you used to have trouble deciding where and what to eat. Mexican or sushi? Stay at home and cook, or stay home and order pizza?Now, it’s all about whether or not you eat out (out meaning that stray dog you see running around), or stay home and eat canned beans and pudding for the tenth straight night.Problems, right?So you can see why, on The Walking Dead, that relationships that work and last are hard to come by.Here are some people on the show that I think really do deserve a chance at love! Or at least really good sex.Carol & Spencer

Here we have two people, with no family left in the world, who…oh wait, that’s every damn person on the planet.Carol should take that dumbass under her wing, and turn him into a zombie killing machine. Kind of like a cougar dating a young dude, teaching him the ways of the world. But with guns. And, after they have their first argument, Spencer gets flowers from Carol, he really needs to run.Sasha & Heath

At the risk of sounding cliché, I really think two of the black people on the show should get together! That way, maybe the writers would slow down on the T-Dog and Bob curse, and let someone other than Michonne have more than 2 seasons.Lori Grimes & Shane

It didn’t work out for them in the land of the living dead, so maybe it’ll work out for them wherever they are now!Judith and Hershel 2.0

This is a few years in the making, so unless someone else goes and has a baby, these two are pretty much going to have to date in about 15 years. Unless civilization has found a way to bring video games back by then, then never mind.Tara and Jesus

The producers have decided that since straight characters can die, it’s only fair that the gay ones can too, even though millions of people have stormed the internet in protest. So, why wouldn’t they do this just to tick people off even more? Jesus is gay in the comics, so there’s a good chance he will be in the show too. Let’s make them straight and REALLY piss people off!Carl and Enid

For craps’ sake, just hook up already!Maggie and Daryl

OH! Didn’t see that one coming, did you?Hey, someone’s got to comfort Maggie after these two hook up:

Aw, come on. It can’t be too soon…it hasn’t happened yet!