Check Out All The Justice League Members’ Logos

Yeah sure, maybe you’re really excited by , or even the (far superior, if you ask me) .

But forget all of that, none of those things are important because Lex Luthor got his intern back to design more logos for all our favorite superheroes. Let’s jump right into them, shall we?

Justice League

It’s… well it’s pretty much a classic, although I doubt we’ll actually see it in the film. Honestly there’s not much to say about this logo other than the star being reminiscent of the New 52 DC logo, which emphasizes that this is very much inspired by that particular iteration of these characters, hence Cyborg in the Justice League.

Also, the whole logo feels very American to me, which shouldn’t matter because all the members except Wonder Woman are from the US, and she basically wears the US flag. Still, I just hope that the League is still

Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman

None of these logos have really changed at all. Aside from maybe some deeper color on the Superman logo it’s the same as in Batman v Superman. At least as far as I can tell, maybe the dimensions are a little different, in which case it’s urgent that you tell me in the comments, because who really cares enough to write about these things? Lonely people trying to avoid studying, that’s who.

The Flash

Yep, that’s definitely the classic Flash logo. It lacks the classic white background, but I suppose the gun-metal is close enough, and more in line with the rest of the logos. Also the actual logo on the suit does have a white background:


This one is fairly different from any comic-book logo I’ve ever seen for Cyborg, probably because he’s normally a side-character and thus doesn’t really have his own logo. It’s worth mentioning that this one hasn’t undergone any significant change since we saw it in BvS. For some reason, now we’ve got it in full color, I’m getting a really Hal-9000 vibe from this, which could imply that Victor (that’s Cyborg’s civilian name) is going to struggle against an AI in his suit. That would make sense considering that his robotics come from an alien planet, potentially from the planet Apoklips, where our villains come from. Who knows though? What I do know is that it looks really sleek.


Last, but definitely the opposite of least, is our favorite King of the Seas. Diving into my sea of comics knowledge, I can tell you that this is the Atlantean symbol for Atlantis. If it goes anything like it did in the New 52 – which is the best period of Aquaman continuity – then expect someone to assume it stands for Aquaman (although I have a feeling they won’t use that name in the film), only to be corrected. Forcefully, considering the look of Jason Momoa.

Wrapping Up…

What do you think of all these logos? I know right? They really do give you a great idea of how much you’ll enjoy this movie and all those other movies. Seriously though, they look quite neat. Let us know your thoughts below, and enjoy your life.

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