Check Out The New Bub In The Upcoming ‘Day Of The Dead’ Remake

Given the number of remakes of classic films, it came as no surprise to hear that classic, (again). However as more and more details of the new project have emerged, it appears as though the film will be more original than we thought, which to be honest with us, sounds great.

The project is being directed by Hèctor Hernández Vicens (The Corpse of Anna Fritz), and thanks to Bloody Disgusting and producer Christa Campbell we now have our first look at the films version of the who is known in this film as Max.

Johnathon Schaech (Quarantine) is the actor playing Max, not that you’d be likely to recognize him under all that makeup. Check it out:

Image via Bloody Disgusting
Image via Bloody Disgusting

In addition to this behind-the-scenes image, one of the films producers, Christa Campbell, also uploaded this shot of Max disturbingly close to the character of Zoe (Sophie Skelton):

A photo posted by Christa Campbell (@xta777) on

In addition to Schaech, and Skelton, Marcus Vanco, Jeff Gum (The Vault), Marc Rhino Smith (Batman Begins), Lorina Kamburova (Nightworld), Nick Loeb and Rachel O’Meara will all star, with Campbell Grobman Films producing.

Check out the synopsis below:

The post-apocalyptic tale follows a former medical student tormented by a dark figure from her past, who happens to be a half-human, half-zombie hell-bent on destroying her.

Will you be watching the Day of the Dead remake?



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