Check Out The Pics Of Arrow, Flash & iZombie Returning To Work!

We survived all the season finales and those pesky cliffhangers, and finally calmed down from the end-of-season excitement. Now, July has come around again and all the actors of our favourite CW shows are headed back to the studios to start filming on the new seasons.

Before we know it, spoilers, pictures and trailers will be out soon and then BAM! It will be September/October and all of our favourite shows will return to our television screens! Here some pics of three favourites as they get ready to start filming the new seasons.


The gang is back for its fifth season and fans can apparently look forward to a darker tone for the residents of Star City.

It all starts with writer Marc Guggenheim,

Next up is “Legacy’ director, James Bamford, who has shared some behind the scenes pictures on his .

A photo posted by James Bamford (@james2bambamford) on


A photo posted by James Bamford (@james2bambamford) on

Oliver Queen himself, Stephen Amell, has been updating fans about his adventures back on the set.

The newest addition to the cast, Echo Kellum, announced his arrival on set with a Snapchat with Stephen Amell and a photo with the ladies of Arrow.

A video posted by Echo Kellum (@echokells) on

A photo posted by Echo Kellum (@echokells) on

Arrow Season Three will return on October 5.


Season 3 of The Flash will return and may very well one of the most anticipated series returns, after

Grant Gustin is another DCTV star who has been updating fans of his via his Twitter and Instagram about his adventures back on set – and having to shave off his summer moustache.

A photo posted by Grant Gustin (@grantgust) on

Next up the ladies of The Flash, Candice Patton and Danielle Panabaker, are back on the set – but how will ?

The Flash returns Tuesday, October 4.


Liv and the gang are back for a third season and even as shown on the Writers Room, Rose McIver and Rahul Kohli’s twitter accounts.

A photo posted by Rahul Kohli (@rahulkohli13) on

iZombie will return to The CW midseason.

These three shows are just the start – slowly but surely, the rest of our CW faves are going to making their way on set soon enough so get to adding those Twitter and Instagram accounts! So while we wait for these three amazing shows to come back to us, we have a good couple of months to scour the internet for more info on the new seasons!

What CW show are you most looking forward to seeing return? Comment below.


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