Child Destroys $15,000 ‘Zootopia’ LEGO Statue

has been a massive hit for Disney, earning praise from critics and fans alike as it became the .

Unsurprisingly, that film’s spawned some impressive fan tributes, like this Lego sculpture of main character Nick Wilde. The piece was created by Lego artist Mr. Zhao, and took the creator three days to create using around $15,000 worth of LEGO bricks. Which makes it even more unfortunate that the piece was destroyed by a kid less than an hour after being unveiled to the public.

Zhao created the statue for a LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China. But just after being revealed, a child walked into the piece, knocking it to the ground in a cascade of Lego bricks. Sadly, the piece was only partially sealed with glue, meaning less than one third of the artwork remained unscathed.

The child’s parents offered to compensate the artist, but Zhao refused, recognizing that it was just a horrible accident. Zootopia‘s refreshingly ultimately taught a message of tolerance and acceptance, and it seems like the artist has taken that to heart. Thankfully, Zhao shared work-in-progress photos of the statue on his blog, meaning there are plenty of images capturing the impressive work.

Do you think Mr. Zhao deserves compensation for the destruction of his Zootopia artwork? Let us know in the comments below.