Clown-Tastic Clown Horror ‘ClownTown’ Trailer Echoes Rob Zombie’s ’31’

Send in the clowns… Check out the trailer for clown-tastic horror ClownTown and you may be reminded of Rob Zombie’s 31. Not that we’ve been lucky enough to see 31 yet, but from the pictures, we can expect some criminal clowns getting lairy and smashing shit up.

ClownTown takes a similarly gleeful approach. Don’t expect subtlety, rather something a lot more fun: roaming murderous clown-faced freaks!

Joining us in ClownTown are this Charles Bronson-lookin’ mother…

This spiral-nosed freak…

And this rancid old haggy hobo clown!

ClownTown is released sometime 2016. Will you be visiting?

Jancy Richardson

Jancy Richardson

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