Collide (2016)

Trailer for Collide.

Casey ( ), a young American backpacker in Germany has fallen in love with Juliette, a fellow American traveling through Europe. When she is diagnosed with a fatal disease, Casey decides to steal from German gangster Hagen in order to pay for the medical treatment, which could save Juliette’s life.
Casey’s heist, however, doesn’t go to plan and Hagen catches him. Against all odds he manages to escape Hagen’s men, steal one of Hagen’s cars, and flee onto the autobahn.
Pursued across Germany, he races to save his own life and get to Juliette before Hagen’s men get to her first.The film was originally titled “Autobahn”

The cast went though several changes. was originally cast in the lead role. He was replaced by Nicholas Hoult after Efron dropped out. And, was originally cast but she dropped out and was replaced by Felicity Jones.

Collide 2016 Trailer Screenshot
I am loving this cast, especially two greats playing opposite bad guys, Anthony Hopkins & Ben Kingsley…I mean come on, they both hold the title “Sir”.

You also have two up and coming actors in both Felicity Jones and Nicholas Hoult. I do believe that Felicity is a great actress and Nicholas is just mediocre. But they are both slated in two of this year’s most highly-anticipated movies, with Felicity starring in and Nicholas reprises his role as Beast in .

All in all this looks to be your typical crime thriller with plenty of action. The one thing it has going for itself is the actors, but is that enough to get you to pay to see it in your local theater…not convinced just yet.
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