Colton Haynes On ‘Arrow’ Set: What Is Arsenal’s Role In Season 5?

According to reports, Colton Haynes just might be on the Arrow set in Vancouver. Arrow series regular Echo Kellum recently posted images and videos of himself and Haynes on his Snapchat account, after which Haynes did the same. This has led many to assume that Haynes is in Vancouver to film an appearance for Arrow‘s fifth season.

Haynes portrayed Roy Harper/Arsenal on the show for the first seasons before the character was written out, by assuming the Arrow’s identity and then faking his own death to save Oliver Queen’s reputation. Although his presence was , he did return for a well-received guest appearance. With Haynes confirming during Season 5, it looks like production on his return may have begun. However, just what role could Arsenal play in Arrow‘s upcoming fifth season?

Training The New Vigilantes

Superfriends: Arsenal and the Arrow.

Superfriends: Arsenal and the Arrow.

As the , things might get a little overcrowded in the Arrow-cave this year. With the Green Arrow officially without partners in the field, he reaches out to other known vigilantes. As he attempts to train , and Curtis, in hopes that they could become the next great heroes of Star City, perhaps Oliver may turn to his trustworthy sidekick for help. After all, things don’t look like they’re going too well — Ollie might need all the help he can get.

Roy was his original sidekick and Oliver did train him in a similar — albeit more violent — manner. So I couldn’t think of anyone better for the job of rounding up the vigilantes than someone who went through exactly what they are going through.

Salvation For Thea

Soulmates: Roy and Thea.
Soulmates: Roy and Thea.

This could actually be the most likely scenario. With Thea officially leaving Team Arrow at the end of Season 4, it’s possible that she could be looking for a new outlook on life. The last time she did that, she went to find Roy at the end of Season 3. With Haynes possibly appearing very early on in Season 5, it’s possible that Thea could have left Star City to be with Roy.

Make no mistake about it: Roy Harper and Thea Queen are destined to be together. Nobody ever understood Roy like Thea did and he was always there for her when things got tough. The way they left things the last time they were together made it clear that they would never stop loving each other and left fans hoping for a reunion later down the line. The show hasn’t been the same without this relationship and it would be a welcome change to see the two of them together again.

The Return Of The Red Archer

Arsenal: Colton Haynes as Roy Harper.

Arsenal: Colton Haynes as Roy Harper.

On the other hand, Thea’s absence would mean that the red suit is once again left unused. Now that Speedy has gone, who better to bring back than the original red archer Arsenal? As Arrow is reportedly getting more “streetwise” this season, Arsenal’s presence would be highly valued as nobody knew the streets of Star City better than Roy Harper.

Over the first three seasons, Roy helped the Arrow clean up the streets of Star City in that red attire and quite frankly, he did an incredible job. Everything about the buildup of the storyline as Roy grew from thief to fully blown sidekick was executed perfectly. Seeing Haynes once again don the red hood would be a moment that would set Season 5 off to a fantastic start.

Excited for Arsenal like…

So with Colton Haynes possibly filming scenes so early into production of Season 5, we should only expect good things. This will certainly make up for the lack of Roy last season and keep us enthralled as we wonder what the character could be up to. The character was undoubtedly one of the biggest fan favorites and it just wasn’t the same without him on the show. As he is expected to appear in multiple episodes of the season, it’s good to know that Roy Harper just might be sticking around for a little while longer.

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