Could Channing Tatum BE Dropping ‘Gambit’ For ‘Shazam’!?

Last week it was announced that Rick Famuyiwa had signed on to direct the upcoming Flash film. After it was announced that he had been signed on by DC, he started following various twitter accounts of people that are working within the DC universe. He followed various people such as Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck and even Geoff Johns. Amongst all of these account there was one that stood out, Channing Tatum.

Source: Batman News

Source: Batman News

That’s right, Famuyiwa, amongst all of this DC goodness, followed Channing Tatum. Now this could be purely coincidental, but why would he follow him? He isn’t attached to any of his announced films as far as we know. So why after following Mark Waid, and then following Zack Snyder straight after, would he follow Tatum? Well I have a solid theory…

Channing Tatum is Shazam

That is right, Channing Tatum has left Gambit to portray Shazam in his eponymous cinematic debut film Shazam. While this is obvious speculation on my part, has previously reported that Tatum’s Gambit film has been in production hell for quite some time. From constant push backs to even Tatum threatening to walk away, the film definitely isn’t looking good. Could Tatum have definitely walked away to sign for DC in a dramatic turnaround?

While a lot of people were very critical of Tatum’s casting as the loveable Cajun, I think fans should get excited about him portraying Shazam. Shazam is literally a child stuck in a man’s body, if his performances in the Jump Street movies are anything to go by, Tatum definitely fits that category.

Many people are worried about who would be cast as they would have to match the Rock’s physical prowess on screen as he would be heading off against Black Adam. Tatum already has the physical prowess on screen, and if he was to head to the gym he would even match The Rock.

If you have any doubts about Tatum as Shazam, just watch 21 Jump Street. Comedy mixed with physical action scenes, the guy definitely fits the bill!

What do you guys think about the rumours? Would you like to see Channing Tatum as Shazam?