Could This Be The Man In The Iron Mask On ‘The Flash’?

Many theories have thought about the identity of the man in the iron mask but no one had thought it could be him.Lets start with ZOOM or Jay Garrick the man who had a great plan to take Barry’s speed as he is dying but how could he knew there was a speedster on earth 1 and all other info about his friends -of course it wasn’t random- except with some information from the man in the mask or should i say …………………………..EDDIE THAWNE EARTH 1OK, this could be strange but let’s remember what happened in the season 1 finale exactly when Barry returned, prevented reverse flash from returning home, Eddie shot himself and Eobard Thawne vanished from existence and the singularity opened again. Here comes the surprise……..

Eddie’s body was absorbed by the singularity.Of course you remember that the helmet of flash Earth 2 transferred through the singularity from earth 2 to earth 1 & the singularity of course can do vise versa.So what if Eddie didn’t die at this moment traveled to earth 2 where Hunter Zolomon find and cure him, know everything about the flash and his friends from him and keep him as a last card to guarantee his safety if anything went wrong.We will find soon in the season finale.