Could We Get A Solo ‘Scarlet Witch’ Film?

In 2019, Marvel will release their first film starring a female superhero – Captain Marvel. Meanwhile, despite comments that they favor the idea, Marvel bigwigs are yet to announce a solo Black Widow film. The sad truth is that, as superb as Marvel’s female superheroes may be, they just haven’t had their chance to shine yet.

As a result, the took the opportunity to ask Elizabeth Olsen whether or not she’d be willing to play the starring role in a Scarlet Witch film. She gave a mixed response:

“It’s not something I’m opposed to, but it’s also something that has to make a lot of sense. I wouldn’t just do it just to do it. It’d have to make sense for how it advances in the world. But I’d be open to talking about it. I’d never say no to just an idea.”

The answer shows real wisdom, with Olsen clearly open to the idea, but wanting a solid script and a firm place in the MCU.


Wanda's had a variety of looks in comics...

Wanda’s had a variety of looks in comics…

Although Scarlet Witch has always been a major figure in the Avengers, that’s not always been a good way. For example, under Brian Bendis’ pen poor Wanda essentially became a plot device to disband the Avengers, kick-start the House of M event, and decimate the mutant race! He accomplished all this by revealing that her mind had fractured, and her ever-deepening insanity – coupled with her phenomenal powerset – ravaged the world.

Years later, the superb miniseries Avengers: Children’s Crusade – a book that featured some of the most beautiful comic book art in the twenty-first century to date – retconned all this. It turned out she’d been possessed by a demon, who had also amplified her powers. Marvel put some serious effort into trying to bring Wanda back into play, and as a result James Robinson is now writing her solo title (with revolving artists).

The beautiful cover of Scarlet Witch #1!

The beautiful cover of Scarlet Witch #1!

But here’s the catch: in the comics, Wanda’s powers have been traditionally associated with Chaos Magic. She manipulates the nature of reality itself; at her weakest, she affects probability, but at her strongest, she can essentially rewrite the history of the world. James Robinson’s current Scarlet Witch series has largely abandoned all that, though, instead viewing Wanda as simply a witch – a female sorceress, whose powers are distinct from those of Doctor Strange, but who operates within the general sphere of ‘magic’.

In contrast, of course, the MCU Scarlet Witch is simply a telepath and telekinetic. Her powers are a product of HYDRA experimentation, when she was exposed to the alien influence of the Mind Gem. It sets up a fascinating role in Avengers: Infinity War, but it also means that any in-depth focus – say, a solo movie – will have to use the character in some very different ways.

Concept art for Captain America: Civil War!

Concept art for Captain America: Civil War!

That’s not necessarily a problem. There’s no reason for every film to be based on a comic book arc; in fact, it’s far healthier for Marvel Studios to give their writers and directors the room to breathe. That’s a lesson their chief rival, DC Film, look to have learned already – Ben Affleck’s Batman film (believed to simply be titled The Batman) will be an original story.

In all honesty, Scarlet Witch’s chances for a solo film don’t look good. I hope I’m wrong; I’ve been tremendously impressed by Elizabeth Olsen’s performance, and I’d love to see her take on the lead role!

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