Creator Chronicles: How Darragh O’Connor Got Connected to Thousands of Like-Minded Writers Through Creators!

Creator Chronicles is a regular feature where we shine the spotlight on some of our brightest writers here on Creators. we focused on the extraordinary talents of filmmaker/producer, and how he used to further his own breathtaking, self-started career in the film industry.

This instalment takes a look at how quickly realised that by using Creators, he could instantly be connected to thousands of other writers just like himself. Darragh really has utilized Creators as a means to express his innermost passions and opinions on film, and it’s evident through his enthusiastic writing skills and rabid following (over one million reads to date!) that for him, it has been nothing short of a complete success story.

Check out our interview with Darragh below!

If Darragh’s words have you clutching at your keyboard and tapping at your mouse in excitement, then why not become a Creator yourself and begin your own journey into the online writing world? If you are fairly new to all of this, then fear not as we have a to help you along your way too. If that’s not enough, we also have the program which enables the more seasoned writers amongst you to receive experienced training from our editorial staff, not to mention a revenue share for the articles you write!


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