Creator Chronicles: How Fergus Coyle Got Completely Hooked On Writing!

Welcome back to another edition of Creator Chronicles, where we share the stories of some of the most inspirational young writers on the internet today and how they use to achieve their writing dreams. Check out our previous edition where we chatted to MMA writer Scott McCann

Today’s focus is on and how he kick started his incredible journey from a relatively new Creator into a master of his craft! Fergus’s passion, enthusiasm and growth as a writer is something to behold as he imparts some of what he’s learned along the way to fellow aspiring writers.

Check out our interview with Fergus!

Have you been well and truly motivated to start writing after watching that? Then become a Creator today and join a whole collective of enthusiastic, like-minded individuals who write about what they’re passionate about. If you’re a little hesitant, then don’t worry, we even have a free for anyone who would like to brush up on their skills before diving straight in, and for the more experienced amongst you, we have a that allows more developed writers to earn money from their articles.



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