Creator Chronicles: How Harry Kirby Boosted His Production Company By Writing On Creators

We’re back with our latest offering of Creator Chronicles (it will be back soon don’t worry), the biweekly series that sheds light on some of the most amazing success stories that has to offer. Last week we chatted to dynamic duo, about how they became BFFs, all with a little help from writing on Creators.

Today we bring you Harry Kirby, one half of , a self-started company from two brothers that specialising in geeky short films. Harry has managed to boost the notoriety of his company by publishing his work to our community and in doing so has made huge waves in the online video world.

Check out our interview with Harry below!

Are you a budding filmmaker too? Or just interested in writing in general? Start your own Creators profile today and follow in Harry’s footsteps to online success! Don’t worry if you haven’t done anything like this before, we have a designed to help fledgling writers spread their creative wings and start their own journey in total confidence. After the course is complete, Creators will then have the opportunity to apply for the program which allows the more experienced writers amongst you to benefit from experienced training from our editors, not to mention a revenue share for the articles you write!


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