Creator Chronicles: How Tom Chapman Reached Over 1 Million Fans In a Few Months!

We’re back at it again with another installation of Creator Chronicles, where we shine the spotlight on our fantastic collective of charismatic Creators! Last week we showcased the incredible feats that managed to achieve after being accepted into the Verified Creators program (*spoilers* he bought a shiny new car with all the money he made)!

The inspirational trip continues this week with the story of UK based Creator, Tom Chapman. Tom truly is a shining example of how fast you can grow an audience and become a social media influencer through writing on – he has managed to reach a staggering 1.3 million readers to date!

Check out our interview with Tom Chapman Below!

Pretty amazing, huh? If you’d like follow in the footsteps of what Tom has achieved, become a Creator today and join a supportive community of positive, like-minded fans! We also have a free designed specifically to help you hone your skills and further you towards success, not to mention a that will allow you to earn money from writing about what you LOVE!


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