Daenerys Another Day: Emilia Clarke Wants To Be The First Female James Bond

You’ve seen her fly dragons and lead armies on Game Of Thrones. Is there anything Emilia Clarke can’t do? Probably not. And with , the golden girl of Westeros and Essos wants her chance to play the woman with the golden gun. That’s right: She wants to be Bond. Jane Bond.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

The 29-year-old actress first brought up her dream on Sunday in an interview with the Daily Star:

“I have a lot of unrealised dreams. I would love to play Jane Bond.”

Clarke didn’t stop there. She’s got just the man in mind who could make history as the first ever Bond Boy:

“My ultimate leading man would be Leonardo DiCaprio. No doubt about it.”

Solid choice, Emilia. Solid choice.

I can see it now…

Emilia Clarke Jane Bond Poster

Emilia Clarke Jane Bond Poster

But Emilia Clarke isn’t the only bad ass female that wants to be #JaneBond. The Twitterverse is exploding with suggestions, and X-Files star .

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Regardless of whether or not she gets to be Bond, at least we’ll still get to see Emilia on the big screen in her new movie Me Before You, in theaters on June 22.

Do you think Emilia Clarke would make a great Jane Bond? Who do you think should be the #NextBond?