DC vs. Marvel Hero Battles: Who Wins?

So far, 2016 has been the year of the comic book civil war, what with Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War being released within a few months of each other. However, it seems the real war is in the comment sections of social media sites rather than the big screen. The Marvel vs. DC fandom wars are in full effect, and they’re mostly just incredibly annoying, BUT…a nerd is a nerd, no matter what kind, and the success of any comic book movie is good for the genre as a whole. So instead of our passion dividing us, lets use it to have an intelligent discussion on the war I would really like to see on the big screen- DC vs Marvel heroes.
These match-ups are hypothetical one-on-one fights. Each hero has had time to prepare for their battle. They have studied each other’s weaknesses and will attempt to win by any means necessary while still maintaining a fair fight. Make your picks, tell me why in the comments. If you can, try to put your biases aside and weigh each match-up subjectively.
1. Superman (DC) vs. Captain America (Marvel)

2. Batman (DC) vs. Iron Man (Marvel)

3. Aquaman (DC) vs. Namor (Marvel)

4. Darkseid (DC) vs. Thanos (Marvel)

5. Green Arrow (DC) vs. Hawkeye (Marvel)

6. Flash (DC) vs. Quicksilver (Marvel)

Quicksilver credit: Daniel Govar

Quicksilver credit: Daniel Govar

7. Deathstroke (DC) vs. Deadpool (Marvel)

8. Martian Manhunter (DC) vs. Vision (Marvel)

9. Wonder Woman (DC) vs. Thor (Marvel)

10. Batgirl (DC) vs. Black Widow (Marvel)

11. Supergirl (DC) vs. Captain Marvel (Marvel)

12. Raven (DC) vs. Scarlet Witch (Marvel)

13. Harley Quinn (DC) vs. Mystique (Marvel)

14. Katana (DC) vs. Psylocke (Marvel)

15. Hawkgirl (DC) vs. Valkyrie (Marvel)