DC’s ‘Justice League’ Trailer Packs One Huge Surprise, And His Name Is Aquaman

Before Saturday, it’s fair to say I wasn’t waiting on an Aquaman movie. And then DC dropped the first trailer for Justice League.

The teaser trailer, if you haven’t seen it already, is an absolute winner which delivers on every level, and most immediately notable is how its more humor-infused, optimistic tone (in comparison with Snyder’s Batman v Superman, which got more hate than a Clinton at a Republican rally) blows away the cobwebs of the DCEU’s rough start and promises to bring the fight squarely to Marvel’s Avengers.

But while the added levity is appreciated, and The Flash in particular sports obvious, scene-stealing charisma, it seems like Arthur Curry could be the darkhorse of the Justice League. In just a few short scenes, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman delivers some serious intensity. Check out the first Justice League trailer below.

Everything in the trailer seems to be drawn from the first third of the movie, that being the part in which Bruce Wayne rounds up the various metahumans on whom Lex Luthor was keeping tabs in Dawn of Justice — and while Barry Allen is easily persuaded, it seems the CEO of Wayne Enterprises is going to have a much tougher time convincing Aquaman to join his alliance.

Someone missing? Seems Aquaman might take some convincing. (Warner Bros.)
Someone missing? Seems Aquaman might take some convincing. (Warner Bros.)

“He said he’ll fight with us?”, Diana quizzes Bruce back at base camp. “More or less,” shrugs Bruce, before we find out Aquaman had him pinned up against the wall for daring to come at him with the real talk. It’s just one example of how much more naturally the banter flows in this movie compared with Snyder’s previous effort.

And if any superhero movie in recent memory has given us a more striking piece of imagery than that shot of Curry being enveloped by a tsunami, I sure as hell can’t bring it to mind right now.

Do not pick a fight with this man. (Warner Bros.)
Do not pick a fight with this man. (Warner Bros.)

Still, I think it’s fair to say the trailer saved the best for last: Bruce Wayne goes straight for the jugular in his introductory conversation with Curry. “I hear you can speak to fish,” he quips, apparently in lighter spirits now that Superman is dead. Aquaman is not amused.

Momoa has previously spoken of . The truth is there’s something inherently absurd about a superhero who lives under the sea, and historically didn’t have the perceived strength of his above-water friends — but after seeing this trailer it seems highly unlikely that anybody will still consider Aquaman the weak link of the Justice League.

The fact that the city of Atlantis is so radically different from the New York or Chicago-lite, crime-ridden streets of Gotham and Metropolis also puts Aquaman at a major advantage. On a visual level alone, this movie could be quite the feast.

Perhaps he wasn’t the most popular man in Hall H this weekend, but first impressions are that Zack Snyder has laid the foundations for the Justice League movie we deserve — and suddenly, that Aquaman solo movie sounds like a pretty great idea.

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