Death Star Secrets & Jyn’s Mission Teased In ‘Rogue One’ Trailer 2 — Full Breakdown

After Star Wars Celebration came and went without a peep from the promised second Rogue One trailer (unless you were lucky enough to be present for the panel itself at the convention), it feels like we’ve been waiting ages for another glimpse at the exciting anthology film.

The second trailer finally dropped yesterday, and it’s chock full of new footage, as well as giving some of the characters a proper introduction. Check it out!

Oh and of course Darth Vader makes an appearance — very briefly, right at the end. With fans eagerly awaiting shots of Vader on the battlefield, this quick glimpse of the iconic villain is tantalizing, yet somewhat disappointing. Instead, the trailer focused on the new characters, and teased some important plot points…

A Sacred Planet

The trailer opens on Jedha, .

Jedha in the 'Rogue One' trailer [Lucasfilm]
Jedha in the ‘Rogue One’ trailer [Lucasfilm]

After Entertainment Weekly revealed the significance of this planet, fans have been wondering why Jedha is so important to Force believers. Is this the site of some ancient temple? The triangular building we can see in the Rogue One trailer definitely looks like some kind of Old Republic structure, possibly built by the Jedi Order.

But we might not get the chance to find out much about Jedha, as the Death Star is looming ominously above it.

The Death Star over Jedha [Lucasfilm]

In A New Hope, it seems that Alderaan was the first planet to be destroyed by the Death Star — Grand Moff Tarkin mentions that they’ve been waiting for the opportunity to “test” the battle station. Mon Mothma echoes this in the Rogue One trailer:

“A major weapons test is imminent.”

But is she talking about Alderaan, or Jedha?

Jyn Was Chosen Specially

In this trailer, we get the impression that Jyn Erso was chosen especially for this mission. After Jyn is arrested by the Rebel Alliance — her “shackles” are mentioned in the trailer — Mon Mothma recruits Jyn for this mission.

“We need to know how to destroy it.”

Jyn is intrigued by her mission [Lucasfilm]
Jyn is intrigued by her mission [Lucasfilm]

Out of all the people the Rebellion could have used for this mission — including soldiers from their own ranks — why was Jyn recruited? It could be that she’s some sort of weapons expert. Or, it could be because of her father: The enigmatic and elusive “genius” Galen Erso, played by Mads Mikkelsen, is missing from the second trailer.

For months there has been much speculation that Galen helped build the Death Star itself, and after Entertainment Weekly revealed that he is some kind of game-changing, universe-secrets-knowing “person of interest”, it seems likely Jyn’s father will play a huge role in the plot.

Mads Mikkelsen is Galen Erso [Lucasfilm]

Mads Mikkelsen is Galen Erso [Lucasfilm]

Perhaps that’s the twist along the way — Jyn wasn’t actually recruited for her own skills, but those of her father. And she’s not on a mission to steal the Death Star plans from the Empire, but to track down her father and pick his brain about the superweapon. But that’s all speculation.

Cassian Andor Forms The Team

We finally caught a glimpse of Jyn’s team of rogues in the second trailer, as Jyn and Cassian set off to find their comrades. Diego Luna’s Rebel soldier featured heavily in the second trailer, explaining that he does a lot of recruitment for the Rebellion.

Cassian and K-2SO are good buddies [Lucasfilm]
Cassian and K-2SO are good buddies [Lucasfilm]

First up to be recruited are Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus — “the baddest fighters from Jedha”, as Donnie Yen described them in the Rogue One panel at Star Wars Celebration.

These two characters have been struggling against the Empire’s occupation of Jedha for many years, and the fact that Cassian and Jyn go to them first is very telling. Is there something on Jedha that only Chirrut and Baze know about, which could help them stop the Death Star?

Baze has been fighting on Jedha [Lucasfilm]

Riz Ahmed’s Bodhi Rook also appeared briefly in the trailer, so it looks like he’s already a part of the Rebellion when the film begins.

K-2SO Speaks

Alan Tudyk’s droid is — an ex-enforcer droid for the Empire, K-2SO was reprogrammed by Cassian, leading to a fierce loyalty between these two characters, as Tudyk revealed to EW.

We finally got a closer look at K-2SO in the second trailer, as he stoically told the team that their chances of failure were high, and decided not to kill Jyn.

“Thanks.” [Lucasfilm]

K-2SO was built specifically to oppress those under Imperial rule, so we can expect this droid to break from Star Wars’ cutesy tradition of comic-relief robots.

Is Saw Gerrera Part Of The Team?

Many of us assumed that Forest Whittaker’s character — — would join Jyn and Cassian’s team. He’s the first to speak in the second Rogue One trailer, and yet he’s absent from group shots of the team later on.

Why does Jyn go to Saw Gerrera? [Lucasfilm]
Why does Jyn go to Saw Gerrera? [Lucasfilm]

Dispensing yet more grave comments on the state of the galaxy, Saw seems to be rather jaded. Which makes sense — he’s been fighting since the Clone Wars, and after losing his sister in the animated TV show, Saw must have lost a lot of his hope too.

The Villain Of The Piece

And finally, there’s the main antagonist for Rogue One — and no, it isn’t Darth Vader. Ben Mendelsohn’s Director Krennic is relentlessly pursuing Jyn’s team, possibly because he’s in charge of the Death Star construction.

Krennic pursues Jyn's team [Lucasfilm]
Krennic pursues Jyn’s team [Lucasfilm]

, and he may see Jyn and the Rebellion as a stumbling block as he attempts to ingratiate himself with the Emperor.

He seems to be in charge of the military assault on Scarif — not to be confused with Jedha, a lot of the shots of combat in the second trailer take place on the tropical planet of Scarif. Is this conflict a result of Jyn’s mission? How do she and her team become embroiled in this battle?

Baze fires at an AT-AT on Scarif [Lucasfilm]

The first trailer showed Krennic marching ominously through the wreckage after this battle, so the signs point to it going south for the Rebellion.

Did you spot anything else in the second Rogue One trailer? Let us know in the comments!

“Are you with me?” [Lucasfilm]


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