Did Negative ‘BvS’ Reviews Force ‘Suicide Squad’ To Add Some Killer Jokes?

If there was any justice in the world, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice would have been a roaring success for everyone involved. Snyders mammoth blockbuster smashed through a number of box office records on its release, earning a whopping $869,852,278 internationally. However, in the Bizarro world we live in, financial success isn’t the only thing that matters these days and so the divided opinion on Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice has led DC to rethink their overall strategy and overhaul their infrastructure.Producers Geoff Johns and Jon Berg have now been assigned to lead a newly created division of DC Films dedicated to ensure that the upcoming roster of films will succeed where Man Of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice did not. What Does That Mean For Suicide Squad?As the next DCEU film to hit cinemas this year, David Ayers Suicide Squad must be feeling some serious pressure right about now, suggesting that recent reshoots were not as straight forward as we were first led to believe.Suicide Squad reshoots took place right after Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice opened to negative reviews, making it seem that DC was trying to inject more humour in the films final cut to counter accusations that their movies are too moody and serious.

You mean these clowns?

The initial rumours suggested that the final cut of Suicide Squad didn’t match the light-hearted tone of the second trailer and that the few jokes featured had already been revealed in the promo.

Uh oh, indeed.

Star Jai Courtney was quick to deny these rumours, suggesting that the reshoots had a completely different focus;

“I wouldn’t say we’re going back to make it funnier. There’s some additional action stuff that we’ve been doing, which is really dope.”

Really, Courtney? Director David Ayer also responded with a characteristically positive spin, claiming that the reshoots are a labour of love rather than a knee-jerk response to the critical mauling of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

Ayers caption game is strong.

Ayers caption game is strong.

Hmmm, well, Ayer does have a point.It’s not uncommon for reshoots to occur, due to either audience testing or financial reasons, but still, it’s hard to not be somewhat sceptical in this case. Sure, the production of Suicide Squad is worlds away from the troubles that befell last years Fantastic Four, but the timing of these reshoots are still suspicious.

Not as suspicious as that wig!

Not as suspicious as that wig!

The reputation of the DCEU is slightly strained right now, so it makes sense for the company to reshoot Suicide Squad in order to ensure that the final film delivers, especially as characters like Deadshot and Katana aren’t exactly household names and negative reviews could cause irreparable harm.
Ultimately though, whether DC reshot Suicide Squad to make it funnier or whether Ayer really is telling the truth, the promo material is looking fantastic and we’re confident that Suicide Squad could be the best DCEU film yet. Did DC Reshoot Suicide Squad Because of BVS?

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