Did The Final Appearance Of This Character In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Totally Pass Us By?

There were a lot of characters who came and went over the course of Season 6 of . Some departures , and , but there were a few character arcs that came to an end that might have passed by even the most dedicated Game of Thrones unnoticed. No, I’m not talking about Ser Pounce ( ), but of Daario Naharis (Michiel Huisman).

No, Daario didn’t perish , or or die at all, but it seems as though we’re unlikely to ever meet the Tyroshi sellsword again all the same.

Dany breaks Daario's heart [HBO]

Dany breaks Daario’s heart [HBO]

The last time we saw Daario was in the Season 6 finale, Dany had finally assembled a fleet to end all fleets and was ready to set sail from Meereen for Westeros. Naturally her lover and faithful solider Daario was ready to go with her, but instead Dany crushed his heart and soul by commanding him to stay in Meereen to keep the peace.

So, even though Dany didn’t go all Cersei on Daario’s ass, and cleverly orchestrate her significant others death, it still seems like he could be gone from Game of Thrones forever.

Now, there hasn’t been an official word from HBO via casting announcements to confirm or deny that Daario is gone for good, but in an interview with Vulture, even Huisman admits that his character wouldn’t be much use to Dany even if he did disobey her orders and make his way to Westeros. “I don’t think Daario has ever been to Westeros, so he’s really of no use to her over there,” Huisman said. In addition, means that a Season 7 or 8 appearance by Daario looks increasingly unlikely.

Euron will soon set sail for Meereen [HBO]

However hope is not totally lost, let’s not forget that , and if we ever see him get there, it’s likely to be Daario who greets him.

Do you think we’ll see Daario in the future or is he gone for good?

Will we see Daario again? [HBO]



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