Digimon Adventures Tri. Dub Confirmed!

Digimon Adventures Tri. has been massive news for any digi-fan out there, but international fans have been waiting eagerly to find out if the set of six movies will get an English dub. Well the good news for those fans is, yes an English dub is coming and will indeed see the return of Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, T.K and Kari and their Digimon partners.

Jeff Nimoy - Voice of Tentomon + others

Jeff Nimoy – Voice of Tentomon + others

Jeff Nimoy, the voice of Tentomon, has taken to Facebook to ignite the news with the announcement that he will be returning to voice the character once again.

The Facebook announcement
The Facebook announcement

With this news, we can expect to see the other veteran voice actors returning to their roles, to take us on a new digital adventure. The question is if they will be released as a set of six movies or changed into a 24 part animated series? The movies have been getting released under both formats. Each movie is broken into four episodes once released, resulting in 12 episodes released so far. With Digimon seeing more success on the television screens as series, it is more likely Digimon Adventures Tri. will be rebranded as a new series rather than a set of films for fans outside of Japan.

Promotional image for the fourth movie

Promotional image for the fourth movie

The fourth movie is set for release this September, and fans who have been avoiding the spoilers of the movies will have plenty to look forward to. If you really can not resist holding out any longer I have placed a small non-plot related spoiler to get you even more excited.

All the original 8 Digimon will finally reach their Mega Level!

As more news on the dubbed version comes out I will let you know, but for now grab your digivice and goggles ready for the next adventure.


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